Wags and Menace Foundation Medical Fund

Wags and Menace Foundation Medical Fund was established through The Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation. Based in Denver, The Wags and Menace Foundation President Cindy Lee (and CEO Baxter) make substantial annual donations to sustain this resource for treating special medical needs of Second Chance Shelter pets.

The fund has expanded our ability to give sick or injured homeless pets a second chance, increasing their adoptability and quality of life, resulting in great success stories for so many pets! It was a donation from Wags & Menace that also allowed us to create an onsite medical clinic for our shelter pets and a venue for our community spay/neuter clinics.

Second Chance is so grateful for its 12 year partnership with Cindy Lee and Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation!

These videos reflect the hundreds of lives that have been saved due to our Wags and Menace Medical Fund which provides life saving medical care for our homeless pets and gives them a second chance at life and love. Please take a look and share!

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