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Be Careful of What You Read

Be Careful of What You Read

Hi my name is Coraline and I am a lovely young kitty here at Second Chance Humane Society waiting for a new family to call my own. I had a big scare the other day while looking in the help wanted ads (hoping to find an open position for a family lap kitty) of another newspaper. I saw an article mentioning Second Chance and euthanasia. It scared a hairball right out of my mouth! I thought I had done my research well in assuring they did not euthanize pets here before making my way to Second Chance. Yet this article mentioned something about pets being euthanized after a five day hold period. What the?!?!

I knew I needed to get to the bottom of this fast or plan my escape. I quickly sought out the wise elder of the Second Chance Cat Castle, Kodiac. Rumor has it Kodiac has been at Second Chance for a very long time. Kodiac assured me that he has indeed been at the shelter for several of the earth’s orbits around the sun. But then I thought…well he is old and mellow – maybe they euthanize the younger more energetic ones like me?

So I went and spoke with many more animals here at Second Chance but, from a sick young cat to a fat middle aged dog and everything in between, I could find no evidence of euthanasia at Second Chance. Instead I found a host of animals ready for adoption or receiving medical and behavioral rehabilitation so they could be adopted. So why was that in that paper!?!? Just to scare me?!?!

Well, I never did find an answer to that and I just hope that none of the other animals here read it. I did find out that strictly no-kill animal shelters are few and far between these days as it is considered inhumane to let unadoptable animals languish in cages for their lifetimes (Kodiac gets to roam the Cat Castle). And it is now recognized in the animal welfare industry that there are some scenarios for which humane euthanasia is in the best interest of the animal or the safety of the public.

Such extremely rare cases involve pets with behavioral or temperament characteristic that pose a health or safety risk, or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement, or pets suffering from an untreatable illness or injury. As such, only unadoptable pets with serious untreatable health or behavioral conditions are euthanized in animal shelters like Second Chance, and thus it rarely occurs here.

So my panic has subsided – I have indeed come to the right place. Now I can sleep soundly again this evening knowing I will be safe and nurtured here at Second Chance, as long as it takes (hopefully not much longer…), until I find my new forever home. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

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