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Published weekly and read widely in The Watch, Telluride Daily Planet and Telluride Inside…and Out as well as this website the Pet Column offers insights from the Second Chance’s pet of the week on a variety of topics.

Articles in Category: Humane Education

Gifting a Pet Gifting a Pet

Dear Help, getting your boyfriend a new furry companion for the Holidays is certainly very thoughtful and sweet. However, more often than not it can lead to a complicated situation where the new puppy parent is not at all prepared for the pup and...

The Microchip is Your Friend The Microchip is Your Friend

My name is Glory, a homeless dog here at the Second Chance Humane Society Shelter. I am one of many pets at Second Chance who arrived without any identification, making it pretty difficult for me to be returned to my family. The lesson of the...

Proper Vet Etiquette Proper Vet Etiquette

Have you hugged your veterinarian lately? Can you imagine a world without them? We sure can’t here at Second Chance Humane Society… So in honor of all our veterinarians that keep pets like me healthy I am asking you reflect upon your personal...

Dog Meet Cat Dog Meet Cat

Dear Cautious, I am so glad that you wrote as it is critical that cat-dog introductions be done properly for the safety of all involved, as well as for a successful outcome that allows your adopted cat to easily adjust to its new environment...

Perplexed by Pet vs People Years Perplexed by Pet vs People Years

Dear Agitated, what a fabulous question. My name is Cuddles and I am a 2 year young (people years) Yorkie mix female here at Second Chance and the host for today’s Pet Column. This wonky pet age calculator has always confused me too, particularly...

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