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Can Cats Eat People Food?

Written by Anna on .

We cats are curious creatures, exploring our surroundings and perhaps your food. Sometimes our people also give us treats or tastes from the table, which makes us happy. But we don’t have the same digestive system as humans or dogs. 

Shelter or Rescue?

Written by Traveler on .

Last week’s Pet Column told the story of a group of dogs who needed to be removed from the property where they were living. There were over thirty dogs, and many of them were unsocialized and had health issues. The positive outcome for these dogs was made possible by cooperation between shelters and rescues across the state. In writing that, we wondered about the terms “shelter” and “rescue”. Aren’t they the same thing? 

Shelters Working Together

Written by Ivy Fife on .

Sometimes animal rescue partners help each other to help the pets we serve. Sometimes that just means talking through our challenges, taking in transfers from each other, or sharing good ideas.

Occasionally, there are more urgent situations where we pull together to do what is needed. Last month, such a situation here on the western slope required shelters and rescues from across the state to work as a team. With populations at or near capacity in most shelters, this story is a testament to the hearts of shelter people.

Hairy Dogs & Hot Weather

Written by Chuck on .

Just as we thought summer was winding down, the temperature is again near 100 degrees. Summers are hotter and longer than they used to be, which makes me wonder- is it too hot here for furry dogs? 

Mature Cats Need Love Too

Written by Harbor and Friends on .

So. Many. Kittens! We are staying here at Second Chance, and our world is overrun with kittens. Sure, they’re cute. They’ve got those sweet little faces and fuzzy little paws. But they’re also exhausting! 

We’re the more mature residents here, and we’d love to have someone visit us and take us home! Let us introduce ourselves.

How Many Cats is Too Many?

Written by Black Bean on .

How many cats is too many cats? We’ve all seen situations where someone clearly has taken in too many. But what is that number? Where does the scale tip from several beloved cats to being overwhelmed? 

Finding Louie

Written by Louie on .

The drama in animal rescue usually comes before the adoption. 

Louie came to us earlier this year. He was shy, having been raised with little human interaction. Our staff and volunteers took it slowly with him. He wasn’t aggressive or dangerous, just nervous and frightened. Slowly, he began to trust and show his gentle, loving nature. 

The Story of Maizie, the Puppy Mill Survivor

Written by Riley Burr on .

Cheyenne first met Maizie in 2019. The Pomeranian mix was, as all puppy mill survivors are, terrified of people. Working as a dog trainer for Second Chance, Cheyenne had seen her fair share of dogs like Maizie. 

Booty Scootin'

Written by Bear on .

Every dog does things that are cringe-worthy. Humping, licking those places, sniffing crotches, gagging (causing the mad dash to get outside), and yes… scooting our butts across the carpet or grass. Whether we choose to scoot in the middle of your dinner party or while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee- it’s something you probably wish would stop. 

Not Pretty

Written by Badger on .

Mascara. Shampoo. Perfume. Laundry Detergent. Oven Cleaner. Yes, these products might help us look and feel prettier and make our house shiny and clean. But, did you realize there is a very ugly side to some of these products? Yes, I’m talking about animal testing.

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