Bow Wow Bullseye

To some, the thought of a film festival about dogs is met with a laugh or an incredulous remark.  To other people it is embraced and cheered. I have to say, as a homeless dog, thank goodness for the latter group of people. They are the ones that rooted, cried, chuckled and howled during last Sunday’s Bow Wow Film Festival in Telluride. These people give me hope and inspiration – as do the Bow Wow films do themselves.

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Louise & the Magpie

Dear Mr. Rob Story, The Watch columnist of the spanking new column Dropping In,

It was with escalating interest that I read your new column entitled “To Kill a Magpie” in last week’s edition of The Watch. Your struggles with the squawking crazed beast, in the form of a Magpie that you so affectionately referred to as Trumpbird, sounded very alarming and I write to offer my services to protect you and your home from further insult and danger. 

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Pet Insurance

Second Chance Humane Society regularly receives calls from pet parents seeking assistance in providing needed medical care for their pet. Unexpected pet illnesses and injuries can be a serious financial challenge for many families with pets. As a preventative measure Second Chance recommends that pet parents invest in pet insurance. Today I explain that, just like with human health insurance, there are several different types of coverage a pet parent can buy…

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Cat Mohawk?

Dear Pet Column,

I learned some important things by reading your column last week about how to keep dogs cool in the summer heat but I am now wondering about my cat.  She seems to sleep a lot more when it is hot and I wonder if it would help to shave her hair to keep her cooler?  (Plus it would reduce shedding and I always thought she would look cool with a Mohawk…)

I respond to you with all due emphatic urgency: Back away from the clippers. 

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Dog Days of Summer

Like most people dogs love summer, but not the summer heat. But it is often forgotten that dogs have a tougher time coping with heat than people do.  Just think about how uncomfortable you would be if you could only shed heat through your tongue and the pads on your feet (in addition to be covered in fur). Below are some considerations for keeping your furry friends safe this summer:

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Preparing an Evacuation Emergency Kit for Companion Animals

To continue the topic of Second Chance Humane Society’s Pet Column from last week on emergency preparedness, and how to be prepared to evacuate your animals if the need arose, I will be reviewing how to create a pet emergency kit that can be available to quickly grab if the need arises. As the potential for fire driven evacuation increases throughout Colorado I am hearing that people are not as prepared as they should be.

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Emergency Preparedness for Companion Animals

With recent wildfires raging in the region and the weather pointing to a high risk for more, Second Chance Humane Society has been hearing from many concerned pet parents on how to be better prepared for emergency situations. Thus our next few Pet Columns will be devoted to this topic, but know that your participation level will measure its effectiveness. I don’t want to incite anxiety by discussing these topics, instead my goal is to help you feel more prepared should the need arise.

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Dogs & Water

Hmmm, would you like to be tossed from an airplane to get over your “apprehension” of heights? Similarly, not to toss is certainly the best means of introducing your dog to water. That being clear, I will offer you some more gentle alternatives that will enhance the trust between you and your dog rather than drown it.

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Allergy Season

Like humans, the biggest organ of an animal’s body is the skin. And sometimes your pets have as much trouble with their skin as you do with yours. Like itching. There are so many things can cause an animal to itch: parasites (blech!), food allergies, plant allergies, shampoo allergies, dry skin and systemic disorders. Below is a quick overview of how to address or prevent your pet’s skin issues.

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Life Enhancing Pets

I just watched a fun animated kid’s movie called Boss Baby in which Baby Corp. (you know… the corporation that makes babies and delivers them to families) was deeply concerned about the competition they were seeing from pets. The Baby Corp. executives were worried that pets were going to put Baby Corp. out of business as they feared that more people were choosing pets over babies. Now, we all know this is pure fiction (of course Baby Corp. won’t go out of business) but I wanted to look at why pets are becoming more popular.

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