Volunteer Appreciation

About 2442 years ago a dude named stated “the essence of life is to serve others and do good.” So not only has the concept of volunteering been around for a while but it also has defined what makes human life real. April is National Volunteer Month. Aristotle would dig this. Please join me in celebrating all the volunteers throughout the region, country, and world that truly make a difference (and as a shelter pet I am of course bias to those improving the lives of pets in need).

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Big Dog Myth Busting

What do you get when you cross a Great Pyrenees with a Heeler? About 100 pounds of warm cuddly deliciousness. That’s right – you get me – the Love Doctor (my friends just call me Doc though). So how come I haven’t been adopted yet? Am I too big? Well let me take a few moments to dispel some of the rumors that give a bad reputation.

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Cats & Cavities

So here is a mostly unknown feline fact: cats don’t get cavities like humans do. Instead we get something called cat tooth resorption. To add to the allure of the mysterious cat, no one really knows what causes it. But here is what you should know about it…

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Casper & Arvin

Ok I will admit it. I was amazing. For those who missed the first ever Furry Flicks & Fashion last weekend in Ridgway (which was a great success by the way!) you missed out on me leading the shelter dog line in the dog fashion show. I nailed it. And being deaf really gave me an advantage for a change. I could feel the music but it didn’t bother me one bit. It was a super fun night, I rocked it, but I still need a home so keep reading…

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Feline Fashion Forever

In last week’s Pet Column one of the silly shelter dogs wrote all about his upcoming debut in Second Chance’s Furry Fashion Show happening this weekend (March 10th at the 4H Event Center in Ridgway). Well this Putty Tat is here to throw down some feline fashionista finger snapping facts. Cats do not care about fashion. We do, however, inspire some of the greatest fashion in history. So, although I will despise you for even thinking about dressing me in a Tutu, I will give you a little fashion advice for keeping it real from the catwalk to the sidewalk.

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Furry Fashion Forward

I am a dog. I am not a fashion statement. Or am I? Two weeks ago during New York’s Fashion Week it was the dog’s that stole the show. The Pet Fashion Show, which kicks off Fashion Week, uses shelter pets to model jaw dropping canine couture and raises funds for animal welfare organizations. This event draws more excitement than any other that week. Is it the clothing or the dog that draws people’s attention? And an even tougher question – do the dogs enjoy it?

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Ban Breed Bans

Breed bans have been a hot topic in this country for many years. This approach of targeting specific dog breeds has not proven to be effective and has negatively impacted families who consider dogs of these breeds as family members (not to mention shelters that rescue them). An alternate approach is being championed by Representative Paul Rosenthal of Denver through the introduction of House Bill 1126. This Colorado House bill seeks to prevent such bans on dogs of particular breed while encouraging responsible pet ownership.

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Tax Season for Pets

Wahoo it’s tax season!!! Sorry, I know for fur-less beings tax season is akin to a snow-less winter, a weekend of domestic chores, or even to sticking pins under your fingernails. But for us furry folk it means saving lives thanks to the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF)! And better yet the groovy people at CPOF now offer another way for you to save lives…

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Love Your Pet’s Teeth on Valentine’s Day

For this Valentine’s special edition to the Second Chance Pet Column I thought about writing about love and flowers and chocolate – but then I became so bored thinking about it I rolled right off my bed and fell into my litter box. Don’t get me wrong – I adore love and all that but I want to write about something with more teeth in it. So I decided to write about teeth…

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Ready for a dog?

Dear Dazed, I totally get it. I feel as though I am ready for a home but not sure how to pick the family. So I designed this interview process to assess candidates before I consider going home with them:

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