Better Than a Birthday Party

My people here at Second Chance just celebrated my first birthday. Thing is, like most homeless pets, true birth dates are typically unknown. Does that bother me? No. I mean being born wasn’t really all that fun – leaving the soft warm womb of comfort and getting pushed and squished through a tight tunnel into this cold bright strange place? Nah, I would rather celebrate more meaningful milestones.

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The Social (or Not) Life of a Cats – Part 2

Two weeks ago my friend Savannah wrote about the social needs (or non-needs) of cats and she hogged the whole Pet Column talking about how some adult cats thrive more with other cats in the house and some do not, blah blah blah. Well she didn’t let me share my opinion at all so I have hijacked the Second Chance office and am submitting this Pet Column so you can learn about the social needs of kittens – which are different from the adult cat.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

I love October! Not because it brings pumpkins, Halloween costumes (hate those things!), or crunchie leaves to roll around in (love those things!) but because for millions of dogs it brings the promise of a better life. Welcome to Adopt a Shelter Dog Month where the focus is to help homeless animals find loving, happy homes! Aand here is how you can help… First and foremost, Adopt. If you are ready to open your heart and home to an animal in need, please consider adopting a pet today. Here at Second Chance you will find many adorable, adoptable animals waiting to meet you right now.

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The Social (or Not) Life of a Cat

Sorry for your loss. And yes, the confusing myth of The Lone Cat... On the one hand we have the solitary tiger hunting in the jungles while on the other is the social lion living in prides in grasslands. Are domestic cats more like tigers or lions? And, if your cat is more like a lion can you turn it into a tiger? Are cats happier with other cats around or soaking up all the attention themselves? Do cats get lonely without other cats around?

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Puerto Rico Pets

Your concerns are absolutely warranted. The United States commonwealth of Puerto Rico was not only hit hard by Hurricane Irma, but was also decimated by Hurricane Maria a mere two weeks later. The entire island of 3.5 million people remains largely without power, few lines of communication, and supplies for both humans and pets are quickly diminishing, including potable water.

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Proper Petiquette

Wow Petiquette Seeker – you have a very strong point there. I agree that pet parents should consider themselves the ambassadors of the pet and model how to be a good parent to a good pet. Thus I have thrown down a rough outline to help others do this.

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The Sacred Secret

Thank you for sharing your secret and trust me in that you are not alone in your pooch pal preferences. The dog has been considered the best friend to people for many years. The earliest written record of this claim being made was by Frederick, King of Prussia (1740-1786) who referred to one of his Italian Greyhounds as his best friend. He received less criticism for this than you would expect for that day and age.

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The Luna Storm

My name is Luna. Luna means moon. I am not sure why I was named after the moon but I think it is a nice name. I met a dog named Booger once. Glad I didn’t get named Booger. Anyway, I am a dog but this Pet Column is actually about a cat. A cat named Storm. Storm has been looking for a home for over a year. So today I write to convince just one of you many devoted Pet Column readers why Storm is your girl.

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Helping Harvey Victims

Dear Worried. You are not the first person who has offered to physically help rescue animals in the Houston area. This response from concerned animal lovers like you is always so uplifting and appreciated. Please read below as I have summarized the main points that Second Chance has been offering to those who want to help.

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Humane Language

I was recently at a local farmers market for a Second Chance adoption event when someone pointed to me and asked “how much are you selling that cat for?” When I hear myself being inquired about as though I were a vegetable or loaf of bread at the Farmers Market I must admit it is a bit offensive. If I could speak I would have said, “I am not for sale…”

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