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Published weekly and read widely in The Watch, Telluride Daily Planet and Telluride Inside…and Out as well as this website the Pet Column offers insights from the Second Chance’s pet of the week on a variety of topics.

Fear Free Pets

My name is Marley, a seven year old Cocker Spaniel that recently arrived here at the Second Chance Shelter. I was rescued from a puppy mill where I have lived my entire life in fear. So even though being rescued was the best thing that ever happened to me – it was very scary. But the “Fear Free” way I was handled at Second Chance really worked wonders and I want to share their approach with all pet parents.

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The Cat Fatkins Diet

Is your cat fat? Is your furry feline sporting something extra on the midriff? Are you in denial and pretending it is just extra fur to keep her warm? Well you are not alone as there is a 55 percent chance that your cat is too chubby (according to Sheltering Magazine that is the percent of adult pet cats that are overweight, with half that number being classified as obese, scoring 8 or higher on a 9-point body condition scoring chart).

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Prevention of Cruelty

I have been learning that, in general, humans are pretty well intentioned. I love that some human out there decided to make the world a better place by working to make this month National Prevention of Animal Cruelty month. Whoever thought that up has to be a pretty cool person…and in my opinion…a bit cooler than the people who established National Skipping Day, National Richter Scale Day, or National Stop Snoring Week (also all happening this month…).

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Taming of the cat

There has been plenty of talk lately about determining the origins of the domestic dog so I decided to do some digging into my own ancestry of the domestic cat. I found that domestic cats have been traced back to a single wild ancestor whose relatives still live in the remote deserts of the Middle East today.

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