The Tale of the Dreaded Foxtail

Last month a beloved Utah K9 named Storm died due to complications from ingestion of a weed. Not the cannabis kind (which can also be deadly to your dog) but form the simple foxtail – a weed that is prevalent in this region. Read below for tips on reducing the risks to your dog from this unfriendly grass-like plant.

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The Cat Span Issue

My name is Mango and I wanted to share reason number 782 of why you should adopt a cat rather than a dog (like you really needed another reason… I mean come on just look at those drooling beasts!). Another way that cats are superior to dogs is that we tend to live longer. So there you have it – adopt a cat for a longer and more meaningful relationship.

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Sadie's Story

My name is Sadie. Before my housemates and I arrived here at Second Chance we lived in a small house with far too many dogs. There were dogs just everywhere I turned and only one elderly person who was trying to take care of us all. She did her best and she thought she was doing a great job, but she wasn’t. 

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Feline Lexicon of Love

So here is my beef. Why is young love referred to as “puppy love”? Just because we cats don’t shower our people with sloppy kisses doesn’t mean we aren’t affectionate – we are just more cool about it. If you haven’t learned to appreciate the more subtle ways we express ourselves please pay attention as I summarize the feline lexicon of love.

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The Lost Pet Wrap

To wrap up this four-part series on tips for finding a lost pet, one of the more important tips I would like to emphasize is to not give up searching too quickly. Pet parents who succumb too soon to thoughts that their pets were stolen or killed may miss an opportunity to find their pet. I encourage you to instead tailor your search to the situation and apply the tips and techniques of this Pet Column series to increase the chances of finding your lost pet.

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Psyche of the Lost Cat

Hi my name is Penquin.  As a formerly “lost cat” I am wrapping up this Second Chance Humane Society Pet Column series on tips to find your lost pet. I am following up last’s weeks Psyche of the Lost Dog with a little Freudian (or would it be Skinner?) look at how understanding cat behavior will help you to find a lost cat. 

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The Psyche of the Lost Dog

This Second Chance Humane Society Pet Column continues the topic of tips on finding a lost pet. Last week we discussed the immediate steps you should take if you have lost a pet. Today I am going to help you understanding the unique behavior of a lost dog as we demonstrate distinct patterns of behavior, often different from our normal behaviors, making it harder for our people to find us.  

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Finding a Lost Pet

Being a lost pet really is frightening and traumatizing for both the pet and the pet parent. As we are in the height of “lost pet season” (there are lost pet reports coming in to the shelter almost daily right now) the Second Chance Pet Column will be focusing on this topic the next few weeks. I am kicking things off by summarizing the most immediate and important actions to take when your pet is lost.

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Bow Wow Bullseye

To some, the thought of a film festival about dogs is met with a laugh or an incredulous remark.  To other people it is embraced and cheered. I have to say, as a homeless dog, thank goodness for the latter group of people. They are the ones that rooted, cried, chuckled and howled during last Sunday’s Bow Wow Film Festival in Telluride. These people give me hope and inspiration – as do the Bow Wow films do themselves.

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Louise & the Magpie

Dear Mr. Rob Story, The Watch columnist of the spanking new column Dropping In,

It was with escalating interest that I read your new column entitled “To Kill a Magpie” in last week’s edition of The Watch. Your struggles with the squawking crazed beast, in the form of a Magpie that you so affectionately referred to as Trumpbird, sounded very alarming and I write to offer my services to protect you and your home from further insult and danger. 

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