The Real Star is Born

First of all I would like to thank my publicist, my stylist, and my trainer for making me look so good. But I wouldn’t be here receiving this award today if it weren’t for my fans who feed me, walk me and boost my spirits every day. And last but not least… Mom, wherever you are and whatever your name is, I love you!

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Beware of Plastic Bowls

Perhaps you’ve heard you shouldn’t use plastic bowls to feed your cat. They have been linked with facial pyoderma, or chin acne, in cats. Plastic allergies have been implicated in some skin problems in children, so it is not an unreasonable concern, but unfortunately there is no scientific data on this phenomenon in cats. The scientific community is claiming that since plastics have changed over the years the frequency has decreased or disappeared entirely. But the scientific community is lacking my feline perspective…

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Dogs Makes the Best Valentine’s Dates

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day, the perfect day for snuggling, petting, kissing and purring – but really so is every day.  For those who greet Valentine’s Day with “Ugh”, you’re not alone. Yahoo News reports that one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet over their partner. Basically, dogs like me have this love thing totally nailed and everyone knows it. Below are some reasons why dogs make the best Valentine’s Day date:

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Reintroducing Animal Protection Law

Today I write to share more good news on the political front! I know I am a dog and by nature not interested in politics – and I also know that the term “good news on the political front” can raise a few eyebrows these days – but if you were an animal you would agree this is good. So stay curious with me here people…

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Picturing the Human-Animal Bond

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened”- Anatole France

Do you remember the first time this slumbering part of your soul was awakened? Often people respond to this question by describing a poignant moment of connecting with a family pet during childhood. Others recall connecting with a pet that they simply met in passing. Some, who grew up with family pets, have unknowingly felt this connection for their lifetime. Regardless, at Second Chance this awakening is referred to as the human-animal bond. It is a force to be reckoned with and I will share with you how to capture it.

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Pot & Pets

I like to get high. I get high often. A soft belly rub is one of my favorite highs. Playing with toys is a medium high while hiking with people I trust is off the charts high. Yes, fun living is my recreational drug and I write today to encourage you to keep the other types of recreational drugs away from me and other pets. We just don’t know how to say no – especially if it tastes good.

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Pet Abandonment Hurts

Not long ago I had a family. I like to believe they were good people that fell upon hard times. Those hard times convinced them that they could no longer care for me. I know there are lots of folks who get smacked down by life and can barely take care of their own needs let alone their pets. It happens. I am a cat and I am not going to judge anyone on this. I like to think they made a choice that they felt was in my best interest. However, their choice in how to carry out this decision was not in my best interest.

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Save a Senior

If you’re thinking about adopting a new canine fur baby in 2019, you might be daydreaming about all the ways in which puppies are just too unbearably cute. I don’t want to discourage that, but, today I ask you to consider the benefits of adopting an older dog. Perhaps after reading this you will find it is a better fit for you…

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The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act

The last Second Chance Pet Column of 2018 was about urging your legislator to approve a bill to prevent the USDA from unnecessarily killing kittens (see the Second Chance website for important back issues of the Pet Column). The first Pet Column of 2019 is about legislation in California that is going to keep thousands of pets from being killed. I think this year is starting off right!

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Saving Kittens from the USDA

Homeless pets here at Second Chance Humane Society do our best to avoid politics - but sometimes it is just too important an issue for us to turn our tails up to. So today I wanted to enlighten you on a Senate bill that US senator Jeff Merkley introduced to stop the Department of Agriculture (USDA) from killing kittens. Yep, read on to learn how helpless little kittens can now be saved.

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