Twelve Days of Dogmas

Dear Santa Paws,

Does anyone ever ask you what you want for Christmas? I imagine the answer is difficult for someone who has access to every gift in the world. But I had a thought of something you would probably really enjoy. It comes wrapped in warm fur and has a tail that wags and is full of love and joy. A joy that lasts past Christmas morning and a love that lasts forever.

Yes, the particular gift I am thinking of is me. I am only 3.5 years old and sweeter than sugar plums and candy canes combined, although I am shy like Rudolph. I am a beautiful Border collie named Treasure and I am my name. And I’ll tell you what, having a dog in your life is like Christmas happening every day. Dogs are Christmas.

So besides offering myself as your personal Christmas gift (did I mention I like snow, sleigh rides and things that are sparkly?) I wanted to send you my Twelve Days of Christmas list. This is a list that I put together on behalf of all the homeless pets here at Second Chance Humane Society:

  • Yummy training treats
  • Collars and leashes
  • Donations toward our special medical fund so all my friends can be healthy and adoptable
  • Toys!
  • Dog cookies!
  • Cat beds
  • Kuranda beds (orthopedic and chew proof dog beds)
  • Big jars of peanut butter (to fill up our Kongs)
  • Kongs!
  • Donations toward our spay/neuter fund so there are less homeless pets in the world
  • Volunteers to walk us and pet us
  • The best gift of all – a new home!!!

Rumor also has it that Mrs. Paws is more of a cat person. I would therefore recommend Tweetie for her. Of course, here at Second Chance they never recommend giving pets as Christmas gifts (because connecting to a new pet is a personal thing and you can’t pick out a pet for someone else and just expect them to click) you can give her a gift certificate toward adopting a pet.

Anyway, Tweetie is a brown tabby cat at 8 months young who is extremely friendly and delightful. She likes playing with toys, exploring and sun bathing. I call her Tweetie the Sweetie cuz she’s just that kind of girl. I am sure Mr. Paws would adore her.

Happy Holidays and I hope to see you soon Santa!

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