The Coco Campaign

Already burned out on election campaigns? Then sink your teeth into a campaign that is guaranteed to have a positive result. I am calling it The Coco Campaign and its one focus is finding me a loving home. But don’t worry, this entire Pet Column will not be limited to me, there will be transformative wisdom and inspirational awakenings mixed in as always.

I will start by stating that sometimes a person, or a dog, has to grab life by the tennis balls and create the world that they want to live (or play fetch) in. I have been waiting for my first ever true home for almost a full year now and my goal is to change that. So let me share why you should agree that I need my forever home, now.

First off there is the fact that I am only four years of age and have spent almost an entire quarter of my life homeless. Prior to that I spent three quarters of my life in a bad hoarding situation. That adds up to a life where I have never been anyone’s best friend or loving companion. I have never had anyone to call mine. Now is my time to fulfill my true purpose.

Sometimes in the sheltering environment there is no rhyme or reason as to why some dogs take longer than others to get adopted. With some dogs it is obvious, if they have a physical or behavioral issue it just takes them longer to find the right home. As that is not applicable to me I just think I have someone out there that doesn’t know how much they need me yet. But it is time for you to figure it out and come adopt me.

Did I mention I like to play fetch? Well I also enjoy swimming, hiking, soccer, cuddling, scrabble, playing with other dogs, and making people smile and laugh. I am super good at getting people to feel joy and am a favorite of the volunteers that come walk the dogs here at Second Chance. Oh and I like puppies. Puppies can really annoy adult dogs but I was a Momma and have learned patience and tolerance with the precocious pups.

One more perk to the lucky family that adopts me is my perky ears. My ears are like having two puppets on my head to entertain others with. Sometimes they even pick up signals from enlightened beings buzzing about our solar system.

Sure dogs make you live a longer, happier and more meaningful existence but here is the real metamorphic part of the Pet Column you have been waiting for. If you adopt me and treat me the way I deserve to be treated, that little part of your heart that has always felt a little bit empty will fill. I will also lick your toes, but that is just an added bonus.

Second Chance Humane Society’s Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops have been servicing San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties for 25 years. Call the Second Chance Helpline at 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about Spay/Neuter, Volunteer, Feral Cat, or other services. View our shelter pets and services online:



Second Chance Humane Society Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops service San Miguel, Ouray and Montrose counties. Call the SCHS Helpline at 970-626-2273 to report a lost pet or to learn about adopting a homeless pet and the SCHS spay/neuter, volunteer, feral cat or other programs. View our shelter pets and services at

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