Prevention of Cruelty

I have been learning that, in general, humans are pretty well intentioned. I love that some human out there decided to make the world a better place by working to make this month National Prevention of Animal Cruelty month. Whoever thought that up has to be a pretty cool person…and in my opinion…a bit cooler than the people who established National Skipping Day, National Richter Scale Day, or National Stop Snoring Week (also all happening this month…).

So what do humans do during National Prevention of Cruelty month? In this region where animal lovers are the norm and the vibrant lifestyle incorporates playing in the mountains and fresh air it is hard to believe that people would be cruel to us innocent well intended furry beings. But alas, I know you hear the stories…

Thus, if you are aware of animals being treated cruelly, this month is a good time to take action on it. This month reminds us that animals can’t speak out for themselves and if pets are being kept without ample food, water, and shelter it is your responsibility to report it.

But this month’s theme is about prevention more than intervention. So the best preventative action you can take is to be kind and loving to all beings. Maybe pick one particular being to be kind to this month and see what happens - remembering that kindness travels a far greater distance than malice.

It is a simple algorithm: yelling at someone to stop hitting their dog will only make them hit harder in private, yet showing someone kindness will soften their souls and alleviate their anger internally and externally. And being kind simply makes you feel good.

Another kind thing you can do is help a senior dog like me, who knows the bowels of cruelty well, find a new home. My name is Courage. I am an Aussie/Husky mix with a courageous heart. At ten years of age I am starting my life over. I have endured a pretty cruel life in a puppy mill and am ready to finally live life the way I deserve, as part of a loving family.

Getting away from my cruel life and coming to Second Chance was the big turning point in my life. But, because of my background I am a little shy meeting strangers so I am having a hard time finding my new family.

All I need is a bit of love and patience and I do warm to others. I am now learning that people are not inherently cruel and heartless and this is brightening my spirits. I get along well with other dogs and cats and teach them how to be sweet and gentle with each other.

Come meet me today and together we can be the good you want to see in the world!

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