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Is St. Patrick’s Day Dog-Inclusive?

I just looked in the Second Chance Pet Column archives to confirm that there has never been a column on the topic of Saint Patrick’s Day. I found this curious as pet columnists like to promote the human-animal bond during holidays and “non-holiday celebrations”. This being the 817th column it caused me to wonder why 816 columnists have never thought to integrate pets and the luck of the Irish. But then I soon discovered that St. Patty’s Day really has absolutely nothing in common with pets.

 The only thing I found relating the leprechaun-themed celebration to animals was that Saint Patrick is fabled to have rid Isle of the Irish of snakes. I am not a big fan of serpentine critters, but I would have thought that the Saint Pat could at least have had a wooly sheep companion (or leprechauns could have Irish Setter sidekicks?). So basically, to the human eye, Saint Patrick’s Day is void of any material for a pet column.

But that’s why it is good that a dog is writing this week’s column and not a human. Dogs see their significance in today’s Irish culture, made evident by the current President of Ireland himself, Michael Higgins. One of the most universally well-liked politicians in the Republic of Ireland, often depicted as kin to the leprechaun due to some strong physical resemblances, President Higgins is an ardent animal lover (and a poet, which I think is awesome too). He has an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog who loves to steal the spotlight when invited to attend public gatherings with his Dad. The pair have become the model of the human-animal bond for the Irish community.

I also greatly appreciate that, recently, Ireland joined other European countries in allowing dogs into restaurants and cafés, I don’t know if leprechauns had anything to do with that recent change, but if so, I love them more for it. Leprechauns are responsible for St. Patrick’s Day morphing from a religious celebration of centuries past to, arguably, the day of the highest beer consumption of the year. I am not saying that is a bad or a good thing but, and here is my segue, pets are not known to be very religious and we do like to have a great time.

So, in conclusion, leprechauns are welcome in my world, but mostly because I will take all the luck I can get in changing my life around. I don’t want to be homeless anymore and so my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would be to get adopted this week.

My name is Lilly, a three-year young Anatolian shepherd mix. I am one of those dogs that doesn’t care that your lap is smaller than my body, I want to cuddle up on it anyway. I also get along with other dogs and enjoy playtime with my friends here at Second Chance. I truly would make an awesome companion and am ready to meet you. Bonus, I look good in green.

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