How to Make it Snow

I know this is a touchy subject. I hesitate to even broach it. Snow. So many of people in this region depend upon it for their livelihood, as their reason and meaning for living in this region, and to feel awake and alive during the short days and long dark nights of winter. So I write this Pet Column today in hopes of offering a distraction, or perhaps so that the Snow Gods will take pity upon us over the Holidays…

My name is Tilly and as a 5 month young, beautiful long hair Calico I have yet to fully experience the pleasure of those elusive crystals that fall from the sky and turn everything sparkly and pure and joyful. So I stand with you, my eyes directed to the endless clear blue space above us and ask “where art thou?”

Here at the Second Chance shelter, in addition to the myth of snow, we hear of other magical things beyond these walls, such as loving homes and forever families. Where art thou? Can we find homes for me and my homeless friends here at the shelter AND make it snow? Well, probably not (unless Santa Paws is feeling particularly giddy this season).

So what do we do? Only thing I can think of is to count our blessings, fight global warming, and bring love into your life and not hate. As for counting blessings I will start by being grateful that there is a place like Second Chance for homeless pets like me. And that people like you support places like this.

As for fighting global warming – well you know what to do there. Just do it though – don’t wait for someone else to do it. But the thing I can best help with is bringing more love into your life. I am love and by adopting me I will remind you of the importance of that word every day.

Although I am shy I am building confidence every day and I know that a safe and cozy home with loved ones is all I need to thrive and blossom. I like treats and they help me to be brave around people. Now that I am at Second Chance I am learning that people are kind and gentle and this gives me great hope.

For dog people out there I would recommend you come and meet Rosie. She is two year young beautiful vizsla mix with a sweet and gentle personality who seeks human interaction. She also enjoys going on long walks and plenty of yard time with her dog friends. She gets along great with other dogs and enjoys playing fetch. Her favorite thing though is being with her human friends.

Well, if I could make it snow I would (and I promise to see what strings I can pull with Santa Paws). But for now I can offer you love, light and happiness through cuddles, purrs, wags and great hope for a snowy blustery new year. Oh and my staff asked me to give a big thanks to all who participated in Telluride Gives this year – what a wonderful supportive region we get to live in!

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