Better Than a Birthday Party

My people here at Second Chance just celebrated my first birthday. Thing is, like most homeless pets, true birth dates are typically unknown. Does that bother me? No. I mean being born wasn’t really all that fun – leaving the soft warm womb of comfort and getting pushed and squished through a tight tunnel into this cold bright strange place? Nah, I would rather celebrate more meaningful milestones.

In fact, here are the things that I would suggest you celebrate with your dog rather than his day of being smooshed through “the tunnel”…

Adoption Day – I am still waiting for mine but when it finally happens I want to celebrate big. This is probably the most important day of our lives and in my opinion deserves a big fat cake more than any other day.

Vet Care Day – so if you make this fun for us we will love to celebrate going to the Veterinarian with you. Vets help us have healthier, longer, and happier lives – if you make it fun for us with treats and praise and a fun walk afterwards then, if we didn’t enjoy the occasion, we can at least celebrate that it is over.

Core Vaccination Completion – again, not always fun for all dogs even with treats, but so important to our health that it is worth a little celebration when they are complete – maybe a nice relaxing couples massage for you and your dog afterwards…

Name Recognition – the first time your dog responds to its own name can be pretty awesome – it helps to cement the bond that is growing between dog and new family. Marking it in some way can deepen the bond further.

Training Milestones – when your dog does well in its first dog behavior class (or home training) it is a wonderful thing to celebrate – this will encourage the new positive behavior and give your dog more confidence.

Socialization – when your dog is properly socialized to other dogs, which often takes training, confidence building, and proper dog to dog introductions, it is a good feeling. For some dogs it takes hard work to get along well with other dogs and display proper dog manners, let your dog know you are proud of him.

The First Big Trip – for some dogs it takes work and practice to be comfortable in a car or traveling to new places. Starting slow and going to nearby fun places is a great way to work toward your first big trip, which of course should be marked with a great treat for your dog.

First Successful Leash Walk – oh yes you know this one is big. Walking properly on a leash can be the biggest of challenges for some dogs – make sure you acknowledge when your dog accomplishes this – even if it is just around the block.

I’m a handsome Border Collie named Archie who is patiently waiting for when I can have my adoption celebration. I came from a rough situation so I am a timid boy but so willing to let that all go when shown patience and gentle nurturing. I have made huge progress here at Second Chance and am ready to keep marking (not with urine of course) major milestones with a new family. I hope to celebrate with you soon…

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