Be Kind to Animals Week

This first week of May I invite you to join in a 102 year old tradition (started by the American Humane Association in 1915) - Be Kind to Animals Week. In this annual celebration, humans (well at least the sort of humans who I value…) commemorate the role animal’s play in our lives, promote ways to continue to treat us humanely, and encourage others to do the same.

In the spirit of this week I have compiled a proclamation to help you recognize its importance and relevance to humanity:

Whereas: Humans have been endowed with a moral obligation to protect animals from pain, fear, and suffering;

and Whereas: Humane education is an important resource for instilling virtues of kindness, compassion, and respect in children;

and Whereas: Be Kind to Animals Week is the oldest commemorative week in American history and the longest-running humane education effort in the nation’s history;

Therefore: By virtue of the power vested in me as the Second Chance Shelter Pet Representative, I do hereby heartily commend to all our citizens full participation in this honorable week of being kind to animals.

An ultimate act of kindness toward a pet being to provide a loving home for one in need, before agreeing to abide by my proclamation, let me tell you a bit about me…

My name is Magpie. I am alive today because of the kindness of a human. I was abandoned, hungry and lonely and sought out someone to care for me. I spotted a nice family in Ridgway and decided to make them my family. Although they couldn’t keep me they were very kind people indeed (the kind ones smell better than the unkind ones…) and they made sure I made it safely to Second Chance.

I am naturally sweet and very lovely with a beautiful med/long black and white coat. I get along well with other cats and am currently living in one of the communal cat rooms here at Second Chance while I wait for my new life to begin with a new family.

In the short time of my existence (about a year) I have quickly discovered that those who offer kindness are the ones I want to follow. Lead with kindness. I can assure you that you will be rewarded every day (particularly if your act involves adopting a homeless pet like me…

Or, if you are more of a dog person, I would recommend taking a look at Bluebell, a six year old German Shephard here at Second Chance. Bluebell was rescued from a puppy mill and despite such a wretched experience she is very sweet and affectionate with people and she gets along well with other dogs. You would never suspect she had such a rough start to life and while she isn’t an expert at basic obedience she walks well on a leash and has good manners.

Second Chance Humane Society Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops service San Miguel, Ouray and Montrose counties. Call the SCHS Helpline at 970-626-2273 to report a lost pet or to learn about adopting a homeless pet and the SCHS spay/neuter, volunteer, feral cat or other programs. View our shelter pets and services at

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