Sitting Saves Lives

If I told you I had a trick to reduce dog homelessness would you be interested in learning about it? What if I said it was a free and only requires a few minutes per day? And what if I said you could earn one million dollars in one month by doing this trick, would that increase your interest?

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Cat Tales

Hi my name is Poppy. I am a very special cat. More on that shortly but I wanted to address you, “I’m more of a dog person”, people out there. Many of your type just haven’t taken the time to understand cats. You think we are non-expressive and incomprehensible. Not. True. You just aren’t listening to our tales, I mean tails. Perhaps you don’t yet realize you truly are a “cat person” too…

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Ban Breed Discrimination

Breed discrimination is just that, discrimination, and those that suffer the most from it are Bull breeds. I was dumped, along with my pup, at the front gate of the Second Chance Humane Society shelter. We were underweight and clearly poorly cared for. I am not saying my hardships were due to my breed, but I certainly won’t rule it out. So today’s Pet Column is dedicated to addressing misperceptions about my breed.

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New Year, New Decade of Good

I write today’s Pet Column on the second to last day of 2019, retrospectively taking stock of all the good that happened this past year while preparing a hopeful outlook for the coming year. I am a homeless dog so I really am needing more good, less bad to happen. So to spread my gratitude for the good of 2019 and hope and inspiration for 2020, I have a story to share…

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Sophia’s Christmas Story

My hair was matted all over and pulling on my skin. My teeth were rotting and my entire mouth was in constant pain. Half my ear was missing. My eyes were blurry and weren’t really focusing well. When I was stressed they got worse, and, I was always stressed. People had never really been kind to me. I was miserable and wanted nothing to do with anyone. That has all changed. For this last Pet Column of 2019, Holiday Edition, I get to share my story.

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Guide to Human Behavior

Hi my name is Hershey, although sweeter than a hot cup of cocoa on a cold wintry day. I am a 6 month-young mini-Aussie rescued from a puppy mill. I have never shared life with humans before but, being young, curious and resilient I have already discovered enough to see it would be the life for me. So today I share tips for other homeless dogs about successfully living with humans.

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Recalling Fun Again

Welcome to the 700th edition of Second Chance Pet Column! Unfortunately that huge-eared dog Radar couldn’t get all his information into one Pet Column last week so I have to finish it for him. Such a slacker. So instead of writing about funny cats like me I’ll be writing about how to make pet training fun. It is an important topic so I’ll do it, but I’m also throwing in some of my hilarious jokes.

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Recalling Fun

Most dog parents will agree that their dog’s behavior they get most frustrating with is an unreliable recall (recall as in coming when called, not to be confused with a “product recall”). As one of the tenents of this Second Chance Pet Column is supporting lifelong pet-person bonds, I offer you some sage advice on improving your dog’s recall, and thus your relationship with your dog.

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Giving Thanks for the Human-Animal Bond

Today’s Pet Column is about gratitude. Recently my staff received a letter from an adopter (who we will refer to as Mandy). Mandy has sent occasional updates over the three years since adopting her dog from Second Chance but this one was special. Second Chance Humane Society and I believe people and pets live better together. This letter, which Mandy gave us permission to share, poignantly illustrates that truth.

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Because We All Need a Little Help

Dear Pet Column,

I know you have pet training classes but are you also available to help answer questions about my pet’s behavior problems (such as sleeping in the kitchen sink…)?

Sincerely, Harry Sink

Dear Harry, you and your sink are in luck. Second Chance Humane Society offers a “pet helpline” as another service to the community that goes beyond simply providing shelter for homeless pets in the area. This service is just as important as our animal shelter services. Let me explain why…

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Second Chance Humane Society Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops service San Miguel, Ouray and Montrose counties. Call the SCHS Helpline at 970-626-2273 to report a lost pet or to learn about adopting a homeless pet and the SCHS spay/neuter, volunteer, feral cat or other programs. View our shelter pets and services at

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