Seeing & Listening

These days we are all being challenged with important lessons. Resiliency, adaptability, flexibility, patience, empathy, inclusivity, stamina, courage, and the list goes on. For me it is all leading to acceptance of who I truly am. Who I am is different from what most people expect. I am learning that is ok too.

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Eye Boogers

So, eye boogers…kind of a normal natural bodily function but somehow makes you humans queasy. Would it help if I called it leaky lookers instead? Or I could stick to the more technical term “ocular discharge”, although somehow that almost sounds worse. Anyway, pet parents are worrying about an increase in this “activity” due to all the smoke in the air these past weeks so I wanted to address this.

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The Real Story of Cats & Birds

As a feline I am very concerned to hear that the status of the world’s birds continues to deteriorate, that even once common birds are vanishing. I am concerned, not only because I love watching birds and they are of critical importance to our planet, but because my species is being innocently and inhumanely blamed and punished for this.

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Pets For Life

Second Chance Humane Society believes that pets and people live better together. Unfortunately, one of the most significant barriers in maintaining lifetime care for pets, particularly for families that are struggling financially, is access to veterinary care. Like access to medical care, the cost of veterinary care for financially struggling families is beyond reach and subsequently, some pets just don’t receive it. 

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Dog V Cat People

I want to weigh in on this whole cat people versus dog people debate, because I think it is just a bunch of poppycock, and sorry no, I don’t actually know what poppycock is. Pitting one stereotype against another to determine which self-identifiable group really has life figured out? Come on people. But just for those who have been suckered by the diabolical plot to divide animal lovers from one another I have dug into the research on this phenomena and come up with, pretty much poppycock…

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Patience Grasshopper

Patience is one of the many things humanity is learning these days of pandemic-inspired challenges. Unless, that is, you choose impatience instead, and all the residual effects of that choice. I think impatience is a result of having the wrong goal in mind, or not recognizing that it is right in front of you, patiently waiting for you to recognize it. The “it” for me was connection.

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Cat Tripping

Ok pet lovers, and those particularly fond of the feline, time to take a virtual cat vacation. Your feline family members have been enjoying having you home far more often than normal these days but you may be feeling a bit of wander-lust so I am taking us on a cat-lovers virtual holiday trip while also illustrating that cat’s are pretty important to people all over the world.

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Leena’s Story

She sat in the corner of her dog run staring at the wall for the first four to five days. She would relieve herself right where she laid and wouldn’t touch the food we placed next to her. She simply would not move at all. Today’s Pet Column tells a story that is unfolding here at the Second Chance Shelter about a traumatized little dog named Leena. It is a story that is needed right now, as it gives us all hope in the power of love and resiliency of the soul.

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Hairy Balls

Hair balls. Yep, in last week’s Pet Column Zola wrote about saving the world and this week I write about slimy balls of fur. Somehow that seems unfair to me but I’ll tell you what, dealing with partially digested, then regurgitated, balls of hairy goop is real too. Fur balls need to be openly discussed and not swept under the carpet (where they would just get moldy and stinky).

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Saving the World

It is time for pets to be straight with people and explain why we are really here. Many think that we are helpless, vapid creatures that need to be saved. The truth is that my fellow canines and felines are here to save you, humanity and ultimately the world.

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