National Act Like a Dog Day

Written by Moose on .

People like to celebrate. I think this is good as pausing to appreciate the good things in life, or to remember things that are important, gives life meaning and value. Dogs celebrate life like all day long, so we don’t really do it as formally as you people do, what with holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays and such, but I do have an idea for a great new holiday…

The Catkins Diet

Written by Whiskey on .

Is your cat fat? Is your furry feline sporting something extra on the midriff? Are you in denial and pretending it is just extra fur to keep her warm? Well you are not alone, according to my research there is an estimated 60 percent chance that your cat is too chubby. But this epidemic (up 5% in 5 years) is leading to shorter and less healthy lives for cats, so I am putting my paw down.

Big Dog Myth Busting

Written by Buster on .

What do you get when you cross a Boxer with a Body Builder? About 90 pounds of warm cuddly deliciousness. That’s right, you get me, Bustalicious (my friends just call me Buster though) a buoyant big-hearted boy dog, who also happens to be homeless. So how come I haven’t been adopted yet? Am I too big? Nonsense. Read how I dispel those rumors that give large dogs a bad rap…

The Kitty Bond

Written by Ebony on .

Although an estimated 90% of bird species partner up for life, it is estimated that only 3% to 5% of all mammal species form monogamous (albeit somewhat complicated) relationships. Why so many birds? Why so few mammals? Good questions, although those are not the answers you will find in this week’s Second Chance Pet Column.

Play it Safe

Written by Bandit on .

Hey there, I’m Bandit, and I’m a “game on” kind of pup! I enjoy playing with dogs who are up for serious playtime. As a dog parent you should know there’s more than one way for dogs to play. Let me explain…

Befriending the Cat Carrier

Written by Blizzy on .

My name is Blizzy and I am a lovely feline here at the Second Chance Humane Society Shelter.  I am very excited for the day, (will it be today?!?!?), when my new family walks in the shelter door and chooses me for their new lifetime companion. I don’t, however, look forward to the cat carrier for the ride home. I actually don’t know any cats who care for that experience but these tips for pet parents will make the travel experience more pleasant for your fur balls.

Managing Good Behavior

Written by Penelope on .

My name is Penelope and I’m a very bright girl eager to learn new things. But did you know that teaching a dog something new isn’t all that’s needed for them to learn something new?

Dogs are born with a whole set of behaviors that we as people don’t usually enjoy – jumping up, chewing, barking, digging, chasing. Fortunately, because they are domestic animals they are usually quite happy to work with us.

Boredom Busting With Bumble

Written by Bumble on .

Hi my name is Bumble and I would like to apply for the position of “boredom buster” in your home. Are you the kind of person that does not like to be alone, that is always needing to be distracted by something to ward off feeling bored and fatigued with life? I am a master self-entertainer (as our most of the adoptable cats here at Second Chance) and am here to help you.

The Best Dog Movies

Written by Angelina on .

Dogs have been starring in film for well over a century, since 1905 when a “Lassie”-looking collie starred in the silent film Rescued By Rover (which became a cinema sensation). Recently the magazine “Dogster” did a review of dogcentric movies, and I have a bone to pick with their summary, likely because it was written by a human and not a dog.

Declawing a Cat is Inhumane. Period.

Written by Domino on .

Take a look at your fingernails. Now imagine what it would take to permanently remove them. Ouch. Looks like you’d have to remove part of your finger right? Yep, that is what happens when you declaw a cat. Speaking from experience it is awful.

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