Take Your Dog to Work Day

Written by Zoey on .

Recognized for the first time in 1999 National Take Your Dog to Work Day (always celebrated the Friday following Father’s Day) is intended not only to celebrate people’s love for dogs and their importance in their lives but also to promote pet adoption. It is also simply a really cool thing to do. I explain why and how below…

The Cat Catcher

Written by Charlie Chaplin on .

If you are a "strictly indoor- cat” parent you should be prepared for the occasional dash to the door that most cats will attempt from time to time. And sometimes cats that do get outside aren't quite ready to immediately return to their indoor havens. Thus, Second Chance Humane Society and I, in the interest of keeping cats from becoming lost, share the following tips on capturing the evasive kitty.

Seniors Need Second Chances Too

Written by Bonsai on .

Dear Pet Column,

I recently met Old Man Sam and Bonsai, your two most senior cats at the Second Chance Shelter. Although 18 year old Bonsai was preoccupied with deep contemplation at the window his mellow energy calmed me and Old Man was so loving, affectionate and chatty I can’t believe he is 17 years young. They are quite the pair and really opened my heart yet I am concerned about their advanced age and think it would be better for me to adopt younger cats...

Sincerely, Bonkers for Bonsai & Sam

The Best Friend Secret

Written by Pip on .

Dear Pet Column,

I have a confession. My best friend is a dog. I know the old saying: “Dog is man’s best friend” (applying the proper gender-free nomenclature, I will edit to “person’s best friend”) should not be taken literally but I genuinely feel it is true for me, although I won’t admit it to my people friends. Is this normal?

Sincerely, Secretly Sharing

Man versus Hair

Written by Fuji on .

Dear Pet Column,

My boyfriend has been complaining about my pet’s shedding. Don’t worry though, as my pets (a dog and a cat) don’t complain about my boyfriend’s snoring or whining I know who I will choose if needed, but is there a way reduce the shedding so I can keep my man and my pets in my life? 

Sincerely, Torn Between My Loves

Proper Dog Greeting

Written by Spud on .

Hey there, I’m Spud! I’m a fabulous young homeless lad here at Second Chance who is learning that life can be good. I’m still a bit timid, and thus a classic example of a pup who really needs “dog-friendly” human greetings. If you don’t know what I’m talking about - read on!

Don’t Touch the Kittens…

Written by Faye on .

During high kitten season (spring/summer), it’s not unusual to discover a nest of unattended kittens or a single kitten seemingly abandoned by the mother. But usually Momma Cat is either off searching for food or hiding because a human (ahem…) or predator is nearby. If you are one of those innately compassionate people driven to help small cute innocent beings you should read this Second Chance Pet Column before jumping in to the rescue.

The Rescue Ambassador

Written by Honey Lemon on .

Being a furry friendly Rescue Ambassador for Second Chance Humane Society is an important job that requires connecting with people in unique and meaningful ways. It involves nudging up against the tentative hearts of people I meet and urging them to open a bit more, feel a little more, and ironically with my support, become a little more of a human. I’ll illustrate with my most recent adventure…

Bug Off With Catnip

Written by Leo on .

Catnip. Even the word sounds alluring, perhaps because it sounds so much like catnap, another luxurious delight. Catnip is a special and magical plant to the feline (including wild felines like lions, leopards, lynxes and jaguars), the only animal able to elicit a euphoric, not to mention hallucinogenic, response from rubbing against the wonder-flora. But now humans are utilizing another special power of the plant – insect repellent.

Newly Adopted Dog Transition

Written by Wheezy on .

Hey there, I’m Annie, although my friends here have nicknamed me Wheezy cuz I am a silly, sporty little dynamo who has been known to make some ridiculous noises. I’m one of the homeless gang at Second Chance looking to be some human’s best friend! Meanwhile, I thought I would prepare all adopters on how all newly adopted dogs need time to adjust to their new families.

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