Preparing Your Pets to Return to Work

It is true that pet adoptions have spiked nation-wide during the pandemic, one of the few silver-linings of this tragic situation. As families have more time at home to transition a pet into their lives, and have greater need for the emotional support and physical comfort of a pet, it makes sense that this trend is occurring. But, as communities begin re-opening and people are returning to work, it will be important to make sure your pets are prepared for the adjustment. In other words, as the country re-opens people need to make sure animal shelters don’t fill up again from pets you no longer have time, interest or patience for.

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Spay/Neuter Returns

Dear Pet Column,

I recently read a statistic from an article promoting the spay/neuter philosophy that left me awestruck and I am wondering if it is true. The statement was that one unaltered cat could yield 420,000 cats in seven years (based on the average cat having a litter of 6 every year and each cat from that litter producing the same, etc.)? 

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Fostering During the Pandemic

Hi my name is Bugsy Balone and I have the good fortune of being in a foster home while I wait for my forever family to discover me. My rescuers at Second Chance Humane Society have been turning to foster homes more frequently the past few months and seeing so many positive results from it. If you have ever considered fostering a pet please read on, because you are still needed. 

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The Stink Roll

The COVID-19 pandemic stinks mega-bad and eliminating it is not going to be easy. To acknowledge my distaste for COVID’s current and future crappy impacts, today’s Second Chance Pet Column is about other stinky things. The kind that dogs love to gleefully writhe around upon and comes in the form of a strikingly strong odoriferous animal carcass or excrement of unknown origin. People often wonder why we canines choose maximally offensive odors to smear all over our bodies, today I have a few answers…

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Pet Powers Fighting the Pandemic

The power of the pet has never been more utilized than in these past weeks. And now, beyond providing the physical comfort and emotional support that people are truly needing, pets are also being looked to for the bigger role of helping to control this pandemic. COVID-19 is bringing new meaning to the power of the pet.

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The Fighting Spirit

My name is Dusty Wiggles and I am a 7 month young adoptable shepherd mix living in a Second Chance Humane Society Foster home while I wait for my forever family to adopt me. I write today, during these challenging times, about keeping the fighting spirit alive.

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Helping Pets During the Pandemic

So here we are, week something-or-other since people started spending much more time with their pets than ever before. Yes, getting more love and attention than ever before is one of several good changes that that COVID has brought to some pet’s lives. But there are certainly negative impacts upon animals from the pandemic as well that we need to start talking about now so they can be minimized.

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Good Stories That Help

Last week the furry feline Clover used this Second Chance Pet Column to provide pertinent program updates for community members in the region to help feed and care for their pets during these uncertain times. Those updates can be found on the Second Chance website. Today I share a few stories that give us hope and inspire us to keep helping one another, the best way for all of us to be living during these scary times.

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Some Good News Amidst the Crazy

I have noticed that when people are scared, overwhelmed, anxious and living amidst great uncertainty, sometimes even good news can trigger you. I totally relate to that. The world is changing so fast right now, there is so much that no longer feels within our control, even good news can feel suspect. I get that too. So perhaps simply look at today’s Second Chance Pet Column as news that is not bad, creating some bandwith for that…

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Second Chance Updates and Adoptables

Second Chance Humane Society wants to thank the publishers of our weekly Pet Column for continuing to give us the opportunity to connect with our pet loving communities during these challenging times. We know that platforms for disseminating information are more important than ever right now. As such today’s column is geared to educate and support pet parents but we tossed in an uplifting tale of two of our adorable adoptable dogs.

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