Recalling Fun

Most dog parents will agree that their dog’s behavior they get most frustrating with is an unreliable recall (recall as in coming when called, not to be confused with a “product recall”). As one of the tenents of this Second Chance Pet Column is supporting lifelong pet-person bonds, I offer you some sage advice on improving your dog’s recall, and thus your relationship with your dog.

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Giving Thanks for the Human-Animal Bond

Today’s Pet Column is about gratitude. Recently my staff received a letter from an adopter (who we will refer to as Mandy). Mandy has sent occasional updates over the three years since adopting her dog from Second Chance but this one was special. Second Chance Humane Society and I believe people and pets live better together. This letter, which Mandy gave us permission to share, poignantly illustrates that truth.

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Because We All Need a Little Help

Dear Pet Column,

I know you have pet training classes but are you also available to help answer questions about my pet’s behavior problems (such as sleeping in the kitchen sink…)?

Sincerely, Harry Sink

Dear Harry, you and your sink are in luck. Second Chance Humane Society offers a “pet helpline” as another service to the community that goes beyond simply providing shelter for homeless pets in the area. This service is just as important as our animal shelter services. Let me explain why…

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The Mystery of Mysterious Homeless Pet

Stray pets arrive at Second Chance Humane Society with a trail of mystery and intrigue tailing behind them. Is there a heartbroken person out there looking for this sweet little dog? Is there a child sitting at home waiting for this friendly cat to return?  Did the family move and the pet went out looking for them?  Was this bright eyed but tired floppy eared dog abandoned or was he scared by a thunder storm and jumped his fence? 

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Miracle on Shelter Street

As a homeless dog here at Second Chance I ask you to consider that, although a shelter may not be the ideal environment for pets, it is a temporary haven where pets in need, like me, receive care, love and a chance for a new life. It also provides a ripe setting for miracles to occur. Wait, what? A shelter is the home of miracles?

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Howl-O-Ween Adoption Promotion

Have you ever seen a pet looking happy in a Halloween costume? I haven’t, yet you people keep right on dressing us up anyway. It’s O.K. We tolerate it because we love you so much (and we are secretly planning our revenge of drooling all over your Halloween candy). Dressing up pets has become as much a Halloween tradition as pumpkins, witches, and toilet paper and, despite it all, we do appreciate being included. In fact I created a new adoption promotion slogan: Happy Halloween from Second Chance - Come Find a New Adoptable Pet to Humiliate!  

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Fighting the Canine Cavity Creeps

Are cavity creeps lurking in your dog’s mouth? Well today’s Second Chance Pet Column offers a simple guide on brushing your dog’s teeth in an enjoyable and bonding manner that is positive for pet and person. Don’t believe me? Well heck most dogs are happy when our people just look in our direction – a few minutes of being coddled while that yummy chicken flavored doggie toothpaste is smeared onto our teeth is simply delightful.

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The “Right” Dog

Making a decision to adopt a dog is a serious process resulting in a lifetime-commitment and responsibility. After pushing through the ping ponging whirlwind of doubt and clarity and signing the adoption form most new dog parents discover that they have made one of the best choices of their lives. But for some “adopter’s remorse” can set in, like waking up with a big hangover in the wrong bed wondering “what have I done?!?”

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Pick up the #2

So the other day I was walking down Main Street and some normal looking dude stopped, defecated on the sidewalk and walked away like nothing happened. I couldn’t believe it - and his wife acted as though it didn’t even happen. So there was this stinking pile just left on the sidewalk all exposed and abandoned – waiting to be squashed by the shoe of an unknowing pedestrian. Needless to say it was rather disturbing to witness.

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The Zoomies

My name is Ferris. I am a handsome and intelligent 2 year young German Shepherd mix, and I am a Zoomier. Or perhaps I should say I am a dog who gets the zoomies. Or maybe there is simply no proper grammar for this state of being. But if you have a zoomier you will know exactly what I am talking about.

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