Behavioral Training

Written by Marley on .

Hi there, I’m Marley! As you know, January is a time for new beginnings…I know I’m ready for mine! Speaking of new beginnings, I’d like to introduce you to Second Chance’s latest staff addition, Krissi Goetz. Krissi has been working with animals for quite some time and is here to help in our region now.

Circadian Cat Rhythms

Written by Frosty on .

Dear Pet Column, I love my cat.  What I don’t love is my cat pouncing on my head at 2 in the morning. Every morning.  Please help…

Sincerely, Groggy

Dear Groggy, yes it is true, cats pick some inconvenient times to display their love for you (or a midnight snack). So if you want to achieve a normal biological circadian rhythm rather than a feline-illogical circadian nightmare you have two choices: get a day job and become nocturnal or give your nocturnal cat a day job to encourage being awake during the day (diurnal) and sleeping at night.

Meeting 2021 Challenges

Written by Peach on .

A new year represents new beginnings, new possibilities, and new ways at looking at things. These are important considerations knowing we have our work cut out for us in 2021 as the pandemic continues to have an impact. This first Pet Column of 2021 is not intended to set a negative tone, but focus on necessary preparedness as Second Chance Humane Society continues a focus toward meeting the most urgent needs in animal welfare and community support.

Bring it 2021

Written by Sammy on .

Writing the last Pet Column of the year is a true honor that I am taking very seriously. It does create pressure on me to write something that will have a strong impact upon readers as 2020 comes to much anticipated end. So I put a lot of thought into it and I am not going to wax eloquent on the hardships of 2020. Instead I am going to look forward to 2021.

Finding Solace in Solstice

Written by Buckeye on .

I watched the sun rise this morning. It was glorious, made more glorious because it is Solstice, the return of the Light. I closed my eyes as the light poured in, warming my heart (being homeless during the Holidays has been hard on my heart, my staff here at Second Chance are loving and kind but it is not the same as having a family of my own). Here I come world, my light has been re-lit.

Happy MicroChip Story

Written by Dew-E on .

Hi my name is Dew-E and I have a feel good Christmas story to share with you that also offers a valuable lesson to pet parents. The story begins three years ago in Kalamazoo Michigan when a couple and their black Lab, Lola, go to visit friends. During their visit they received a call from neighbors that Lola was running down the street after escaping from the back yard. And so began what would turn into a lengthy search.

Hand Signals

Written by Badger on .

Hi my name is Badger. I am one of those resilient dogs you hear about who has gone through a lot of hardship but hasn’t let it get me down. Yes, I have survived a skull fracture and fending for myself being deaf, not to mention that I was scheduled to be euthanized at a facility where that happens to less adoptable dogs. Lesser beings would fold to the pressure but it has just made me stronger and more determined to play and to love.


Written by Chuck-E on .

Breaking news! It’s so exciting that I tricked the dog who was supposed to be writing this week’s Second Chance Pet Column and stole the laptop. So the scuttle is that the President-elect Biden family is looking for a cat to bring to the White House with them! I have been dreaming of this moment my whole life. Pick me Jill & Joe – pick me!!!

Thank you

Written by Boo on .

Thanksgiving 2020 is requiring that Holiday traditions be eliminated, altered, or transformed, while new ones are carved out (pun intended) that may not involve traveling and gathering but still allow people to feel connected. These changes, though not ideal, allow people to expand, redefine and remember what they are grateful for. Through gratitude we recognize what is most important.

The First Shelter First Dog

Written by Faith on .

Donald Trump is the first President of the United States since James K. Polk to not have a presidential pet while in office (yes, I was not familiar with President Polk either, he was the President back in 1845). This Pet Column, written weekly since 2006, has always steered clear of politics so don’t worry I am not going all political on you here, but I do have an important message to deliver.

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