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Lynda Burns, Thrift Manager

Lynda Burns Second Chance Humane SocietyLynda has bachelor degrees in nursing and sociology and worked toward a master’s degree in healthcare management. Lynda worked as an RN for many years in a variety of settings ending her career as a hospice nurse educator. Her interest in improving the lives of dying patients eventually led her to animal rescue and the care and fostering of homeless pets. Lynda’s hospice background drew her to the special needs of senior and dying dogs who are often abandoned at a time when they need a family the most. Lynda has been a long time volunteer for English Springer Rescue fostering and caring for many dogs in her home over the years.

Lynda has spent her life around animals, growing up with rabbits (5,000 of them!) chickens, goats and guinea pigs as well as dogs and cats. Currently she lives on a ranch with her husband Robert, 6 horses, and an ever changing family of foster dogs.

Lynda began volunteering at the Thrift Shop in 2004 as a way to help support Second Chance Humane Society’s mission. Shortly after she becoming a volunteer Lynda accepted a staff position at the Thrift Shop. Lynda’s interest in books and collectables has made the thrift shop a perfect fit for her as she comments “The wide variety of generous community donations makes working at the Thrift Shop a continuing adventure and provides daily opportunities for learning”. Lynda has been the Thrift Store Manager since 2006.

Work with Second Chance

Interested in a working with Second Chance Humane Society? Have a passion for animal welfare? Submit and application for employment today!

Seeking Part & Full Time Pet Care Specialists in Ridgway

Positions include all aspects of medical, cleaning, exercising and animal care. Opportunities for enrichment programming for dogs and cats and our Community Outreach programming. Holidays and weekends required.

Mail or e-mail a completed application to:

Second Chance Humane Society
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