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Welcome to Second Chance Humane Society, located in Southwest Colorado and home to Ouray, San Miguel and Montrose County's lost or abandoned lovable pets.

Since 1994 we have been saving lives through our shelter services while developing Community programs and services.

Come meet our homeless cats and dogs and find out how you can get involved — also come visit us at one of our Thrift Shops which support our life-saving programs and services! 

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We Believe

Pets & People Live Better Together

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Our Mission

Connecting Pets, People & Community While Saving Lives

We're Here to Help.


Pet Pantry
Community Medical Program
Pet ID Program 

If you need help with providing food, medical care or behavioral training for your pets call us at 970.626.2273

Second Chance is committed to keeping our community's pets together with their families.

Take a virtual tour of our tri-county programs and services and all that we do with your support - Click Here!

Events & Media

Expanded medical care services coming soon!

Living Better Together

To support families in keeping their pets happy and healthy for their lifetime we (with Dr. Shari Depauw, pictured above left) are offering low cost veterinary services. 

Walk-In Mobile Clinics in Nucla - Upcoming Clinic Date TBA: Nucla Fire Department

Paws For Art
Now Open: Friday - Sunday noon- 4 PM or by appointment!

Paws for Art Gallery & More

Our Paws for Art Gallery...& More is our latest fund-generating program supporting our animal welfare programs and services through the sale of donated art, antiques and other unique quality items that are getting their second chance. Consider making a donation of art or come by our Gallery to find great deals!

Learn to raise and train your dog using force-free, reward-based methods. Registration required .

Try our Low Cost Pet Behavior Services

Puppy Socialization and Skills (8 to 20 week old puppies)                                     Learn methods for safely socializing as well as important basic skills. Time for monitored play included .
Basic Manners (5 months and older)
Learn calmly greeting strangers, sit, lie down, come, stay, walking nicely on a loose leash, and proper focus with the distraction of other dogs in the area .
Private Sessions
One on one sessions addressing fearfulness, anxiety, aggression toward other dogs or people, resource guarding, house training issues, destructive chewing, multiple dog household conflicts, and more...

Location: Indoor training center at Second Chance Shelter in Ridgway, limited socially distanced class size - call to register today!

Memorial Wings garden
Honoring the Everlasting Bond

Angels Wings Memorial Garden

Promoting the human-animal bond is one of the most important things we do here at Second Chance. We believe in the power of unconditional love we share with our pets, and are forever grateful for each one of these furry family members who enrich our lives, even long after they are gone.

Purchase a Memorial Gift

Visit the Gardens

In the Media

Check us Out on Animal Planet's Dr. Jeff!

1.3 million people across the nation were able to take a look at some of Second Chance Humane Society’s outreach services. The most watched series on the Animal Planet Channel, Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet, partnered with Second Chance to provide free spay-neuter and medical clinics in Nucla and Ridgway. 

Watch our Ridgway Shelter episode

Watch our Nucla outreach episode (about 22 minutes in)

In the media

Second Chance In the News

Second Chance received some great media coverage of our programs and services.

Read "On the Way to a Forever Home" in Shelter Magazine

And "Must Love Dogs" in Telluride Style Magazine

Power of the Human - Animal Bond

Equine Assisted Therapy Program

This program has been placed on hold due to the pandemic but we will revisit it in 2022.

Stay tuned for details...

The Pet Column

Giving Up a Pet is Never Easy

Giving Up a Pet is Never Easy

A few Pet Columns ago, a shelter cat named Wendy wrote about Pandemic Pet Surrenders. Although we haven’t seen surrenders directly attributed to the pandemic, we do see a lack of pet-friendly housing and economic factors taking their toll. 

In any surrender, it’s assumed that pets are being given up on. Maybe you think they’re pets who are too high energy, too much work, or that could no longer be cared for. However, when you see my friends come into Second Chance, it is a different story. 

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What’s That Loud Noise?!

What’s That Loud Noise?!

Bang! Pop! Screeeeech! Boom! While you, your friends, and family enjoy the July 4th festivities, please don’t forget about keeping your furry friends safe and calm.

People ooh and ahh at fireworks, but unexpected loud noises tend to have the opposite effect on us pets. Dogs who are afraid of fireworks can dig under or jump over fences, break tethers or even shatter windows in response. Cats associate loud noises with danger, so they can become very stressed on Independence Day.

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The Heat is On

The Heat is On

You’re sweating, I’m panting, the cats are sleeping in the shade. We all have ways to cope with the hot summer temperatures.

People sweat, which helps cool your skin. A dog's main way to cool down is panting. Moisture evaporates from our tongues, noses, and the lining of their lungs as we pant. As this air circulates, it helps cool us off. Cats conserve energy, seek out cool surfaces (sleeping on a tile floor), and groom (saliva evaporates off their fur, cooling them down).

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Last to be Picked

Last to be Picked

Were you ever the last kid picked in gym class? Remember how that felt? There are several of us cats here at Second Chance who feel just like that. Adult cats are a great addition to your family. We have learned our manners, are usually happy lounging in a sunny spot, and don’t stage random attacks (like kittens do). 

For us, friends come and go here at the shelter, but we are still waiting. There is no clear reason for this, and certainly not our fault. We have lovely demeanors, stunning looks and lack any annoying habits. We aren’t sure why we haven’t found our families, so we’re making this plea to you: please give us a chance. Almost everything you’ll read here is true.

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Job Opportunities

Interested in working with Second Chance Humane Society? Check out a few of our job opportunities online.

Meet the animals looking for a home.


Very friendly. She came in with her sister Peaches. They are a bonded pair. Would love to go to a...


Came in with her sister Cream. They are a bonded pair. would like them to go to a home together.


WE have one very special puppy left who is looking for his forever home. Meet Diesel! He is about 12...


Harbor is a sweet girl. She can be a little shy at first but she does well once she warms...


Augustus is our oldest resident at 14 years old! He is so affectionate. However his kidneys are beginning to fail,...

Black Bean

Black Bean is a very affectionate cat! He is very vocal and loves being loved on.

Our Thrift Shops

Ridgway Shop

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Mon - Sat: 10 - 5pm, Sun: 12 - 5pm

Telluride Shop

335 W. Colorado Avenue (Main Street)
Telluride, CO 81435

(970) 728-1100 | phone
(888) 751-0520 | fax

Daily: 10am - 5pm

Second Chance Humane Society

Animal Resource Center

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Animal Resource Center
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Dog Den
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