Paw-to-Matic Monthly Giving

Give Second Chances by starting your Paw-to-Matic Monthly Giving Program today!

Are you committed to giving Second Chances to shelter pets?
By joining Second Chance's Paw-to-Matic Monthly Giving Program your continuing investment will provide sustaining support for the needs of our shelter pets that include:
  • Food & Supplies
  • Training & Enrichment
  • Wellness, Special Medical & Emergency Medical Care

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Paw-to-Matic monthly giving
  • $10 Per Month

    Pays for 2 pet's spay/neuter

  • $25 Per Month
    Feeds a shelter pet for 6 months
  • $40 Per Month
    Covers a pet's special medical care for one year
  • $60 Per Month

    Covers a pet's life-saving emergency medical care

  • $120 Per Month

    Covers a pet's full care for 6 months

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