Basic Canine Manners Classes

Welcome to the Manners classes for your dog. We are excited you and your pup will be joining us. The goal of this program is to enhance the bond between guardians and their pets through positive based training.

The introductory Manners class is a six week course that will provide guardians the knowledge to have a more rewarding relationship with their dogs.

The Manners classes teach guardians how to teach, encourage, and lead their dogs to behave well, be safe, and be their best selves.

Manners classes are held Wednesday evenings and Saturdays at the Second Chance Shelter 177 County Rd 10 Ridgway CO. Classes begin Wednesday 6/08/2016 and Saturday 6/11/2016.

Lessons include watch me, sit, stay, loose leash walking, lie down, wait, come when called, and more. However, classes are NOT just about learning “commands” they are also a great fun way to guardians to interact with their dogs and develop and even deeper understanding of each other. Guardians will learn how to communicate effectively with their dogs and bond with him through attention, praise, treats, and positive leadership.

To cover staff time and resources for the class, guardians with dogs who were not adopted from Second Chance are asked to donate $75.00 to $100.00.

To encourage attendance, a $50.00 deposit must be paid by all attendees (including Second Chance alumni) to secure a space in class.

All participating dogs must be altered (spayed or neutered) and current on Rabies and DHPV – Please bring current record to class.

We cannot accept aggressive dogs into class.

All dogs will be on leash at ALL times.

Plan for a successful class:

  • Please arrive at shelter 15 minutes prior to class the first day of class with paperwork and payment.
  • Please bring the following tools with you:
  • Well fitted flat collars only.
  • 4 or 6 foot leashes – no retractable leashes
  • A lot of soft small treats, hot dogs or other high value treats.
  • Comfortable shoes, layered clothing. We may be outside at some point and should expect mud.
  • Positive training requires using many treats. Do not feed your dog prior to class to ensure an interest in the treats and a limited weight gain.
  • Walk your dog 20-30 minutes prior to class to drain excited energy.
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