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Looking for a furry feline friend? We don't blame you! Cats are all around great companions that dig living in Colorado. Seriously, they can watch the snow falling from the warmth of their kitty bed which is perfectly perched in a sunlit room next to their food, water and buzzer to summon you in case they need something.

Just take a look at some of these cool cats and prepare to open up your home so they can take it over! Once you've identified a pet that you're interested in, be sure to read our adoption process and download an adoption profile.

Check back often as our adoption pages are updated daily!

Clementine, a small, female Domestic Long Hair


Date of Birth: 09/20/2016 This big beautiful girl is Clementine! Clementine is a quiet cat who enjoys napping in a high, quiet spot. While she does enjoy affection, she can be a bit shy, however her ...

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Peaches, a small, female Domestic Short Hair


Meet Peaches! Peaches is a very sweet cat who loves to find places to curl up and take a nap in. She loves to be pet and enjoys going in the outdoor run. She's fussy about which other cats she likes ...

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Tilly, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Tilly is a beautiful sweet girl who had a rough start in life. She is shy to come forward but will snuggle in and give all the loving she can get. Tilly is a quiet and just learning to play but will...

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Nora, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Nora is a regal sweet girl. She is a little shy but likes to hang out in high places and be gorgeous. She gets along well with other cats but isn't much of a player with toys. She likes to pose and lo...

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Stormy, a large, male Domestic Short Hair


This stunning looking boy is a little shy, and because he spent sometime begin bullied by other cats and neglected by people, he prefers to be an only kitty in his new home. Stormy isn't what you mi...

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Kayla, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Kayla is an 11 year old senior seeking a quiet home with a place in the sun. She was found at a gas station where the overnight employees would feed her. They had been doing so for awhile, but the ga...

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Kit Kat, a large, female Domestic Short Hair

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is quite the character, the prototypical cat that can be very sweet and loving or have a bit of an edge to her depending upon her mood. She gets along well with other cats and dogs and loves p...

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Twilight, a large, male Domestic Short Hair


Twilight is a big boy with a beautiful black coat. He can be a little shy initially but is very gentle. He gets along well with other cats and is currently living in one of our communal cat rooms. He ...

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Morris, a medium, male Domestic Short Hair


Morris is a shy, beautiful, young cat who came to us as a stray. While he does enjoy attention and affection, he is too timid to come ask for it. He enjoys laying in comfy beds in high places where he...

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Slinky, a large, male Tabby


Slinky is well named as it reflects how he moves, sliding through life. He is a easy going guy who loves attention and affection. He likes to move around a lot, chasing toys and looking for someone to...

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Jellybean, a small, female Domestic Short Hair


Jellybean is a very sweet all black 4 month-old kitten. Jellybean came to Second Chance after being found wandering around all alone. Jellybean is very shy but with lots of patience and love we believ...

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Sterling, a large, male Domestic Short Hair


Sterling is a lovely short haired gray guy. He does well with other cats and likes hanging out with his friend Knight. He's easy going but a bit shy so he is looking for a home where he can come into ...

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Silhouette, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


This gorgeous senior girl defies her age. She's a very sweet calm cat. As a senior she does have special needs-soft food as she no longer has her teeth. She seems to be afraid of other cats so might b...

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Franklin, a medium, male Domestic Short Hair


Meet Franklin! Franklin came to us as a stray with health issues, but has since been treated and is now looking for a home to call his own. We don't know his age, but we are guessing he is a mature ca...

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Paradise, a small, female Tortoiseshell


Meet Paradise this beautiful girl! Paradise came here as a stray and she's about four months old. She is ready for a forever home and looking for a new family. Paradise is extremely independent, loves...

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Gracie, a medium, female Dilute Calico


Gracie is a beautiful Dilute Calico and she is about 3 years old (Date of Birth 3/25/2016). She has been living in a communal room with other cats and she gets along with other cats. Gracie is very l...

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Cody, a medium, male Domestic Short Hair


Cody is a very sweet 16 year-young cat that is very active. Cody loves to be around other cats and humans. Cody came to Second Chance after his owner passed away. He is looking for a loving home where...

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Sassy, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Sassy is 7 year-young black and white cat that loves human laps. Sassy is looking for a quiet home where she is the only cat or with one other calm cat. Sassy came to Second Chance after her owner pas...

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Sneffels, a medium, male Domestic Short Hair


Sneffels is a handsome brown tabby with a bobtail. He would do best in a quiet home and he gets along great with dogs but not quite sure about other cats. Sneffels is very vocal and will keep talking ...

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Low Cost Spay Neuter Program

Low Cost Spay Neuter Program

I am one of the lucky ones. I am one of the 6.5 million companion animals annually received in a U.S. animal shelters nationwide and not one of the 1.5 to 2 million pets euthanized annually. I am not yet one of the 3.2 million pets annually adopted though. But I am still lucky. Estimates vary but are in the 70 million number range for number of homeless pets in America. Yep.

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Pets Turning Pages

Pets Turning Pages

I want to be a wellbeing dog. Actually I already am, as I make everyone around me feel good, but I want to apply my power of wellbeing-ness more specifically. So I am applying for a spot in Second Chance Humane Society’s Pets Turning Pages Program. Through this program pets like me are going into the Telluride, Ridgway & Ouray public schools to support kids with reading. 

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