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Looking for a furry feline friend? We don't blame you! Cats are all around great companions that dig living in Colorado. Seriously, they can watch the snow falling from the warmth of their kitty bed which is perfectly perched in a sunlit room next to their food, water and buzzer to summon you in case they need something.

Just take a look at some of these cool cats and prepare to open up your home so they can take it over! Once you've identified a pet that you're interested in, be sure to read our adoption process and download an adoption profile.

Check back often as our adoption pages are updated daily!

Arvin, a medium, male Domestic Medium Hair


(Date of Birth 11/15/13) Meet Arvin! Arvin is a special needs cat. His arthritis requires him to be on CBD oil for his pain. Arvin is a great guy who is happy just chillin' in the chair next to you or...

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Storm, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth: 01/17/2016 Meet Storm! Storm is a quiet girl who enjoys a pet or two, but doesn't beg for more. She is fairly playful with the other cats, and you can also find her napping in the sunl...

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Clementine, a small, female Domestic Long Hair


Date of Birth: 09/20/2016 This big beautiful girl is Clementine! Clementine is a quiet cat who enjoys napping in a high, quiet spot. While she does enjoy affection, she can be a bit shy, however her ...

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Caprice, a small, female Tortoiseshell


Date of Birth: 10/02/2010 Caprice is a lover of all things calm and quiet. She enjoys observing life happen from afar. However, when she is feeling confident, she will come out seeking affection and ...

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April, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


(Date of Birth: 01/01/2016) April is a calm, low maintenance cat who loves treat time and cudddles! She had her kittens here at the shelter and now that she is spayed she is looking for a home of her ...

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Paisley, a small, female Calico


Date of Birth (9-1-15) Paisley is a calm, low maintenance cat who loves high places to explore. She is spayed and is now looking for a home. Paisley is very sweet and gets along great with other cats...

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Peaches, a small, female Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth (9-14-17) Meet Peaches! Peaches is a very sweet cat who loves to find places to curl up and take a nap in. She loves to be pet and she is good with other cats. If you are interested ...

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Reese, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Reese is a sweet but shy girl. She has been making great progress and now allows petting and affection. She currently lives in one of our communal cat rooms and gets along well with others. With some ...

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Tilly, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Tilly is a beautiful sweet girl who had a rough start in life. She is shy to come forward but will snuggle in and give all the loving she can get. Tilly is a quiet and just learning to play but will...

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Tornado, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Tornado is a pretty girl who had a rough start. Due to this she is bashful and quiet, but likes to be picked up and cuddled. She is learning the value of loving contact. With some time and patience ...

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Nora, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Nora is a very sweet girl. She is a little shy but is also the most gentle and sweet cat. She gets along well with other cats but isn't much of a player from what we've seen. So if you're looking for ...

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Bella, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Bella came in with her friend Oscar. She gets along with other cats but is a bit shy. We do not have any way of knowing if a dog or cat will do well with all children. This is why it is important th...

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Oscar, a large, male Domestic Long Hair


Oscar came in with his friend Bella. He gets along well with other cats. He's a friendly guy and will be happy to let you pet him when he approaches. We do not have any way of knowing if a dog or ca...

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Stormy, a large, male Domestic Short Hair


This shy guy is looking for a quiet home. We do not have any way of knowing if a dog or cat will do well with all children. This is why it is important that we introduce everyone in the home to the ...

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Lilly, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Lilly is not at the shelter. Please contact Gabrielle at 407-701-7827 She is a little shy and a lot appreciative, this senior gal is fully vetted and microchipped! Lily was found at a gas station wher...

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We have dogs too

The Love Doctor is waiting

The Love Doctor is waiting

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which many may think wouldn’t mean much to a homeless dog like me. But once again I am underestimated. Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for our lives and for those who make our lives better each day, so of course my ears are perking. What an ideal time of year to be caught in the act of being grateful for your animal friends. How about taking a short moment right now to remember all that your pets (past and present) give to you and how they transform your view and engagement with the world around you.

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How to I.D. a Cat

How to I.D. a Cat

My name is Tommy and I have a pet (pun intended) peeve to share. According to the Humane Society of the United States, only 2 to 5 % of the millions of lost cats entering shelters annually nationwide are reunited with their owners. Compare this to dogs, reunited with owners at eight times the rate that cats are. Why? Because only 14% of cats arriving at shelters have identification as compared to 43% of dogs. What the fur ball is up with that?

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