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Looking for a furry feline friend? We don't blame you! Cats are all around great companions that dig living in Colorado. Seriously, they can watch the snow falling from the warmth of their kitty bed which is perfectly perched in a sunlit room next to their food, water and buzzer to summon you in case they need something.

Just take a look at some of these cool cats and prepare to open up your home so they can take it over! Once you've identified a pet that you're interested in, be sure to read our adoption process and download an adoption profile.

Check back often as our adoption pages are updated daily!

Tilly, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Tilly is a beautiful sweet girl who had a rough start in life. She is shy to come forward but will snuggle in and give all the loving she can get. Tilly is a quiet and just learning to play but will...

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Gracie, a medium, female Dilute Calico


Gracie is a beautiful Dilute Calico and she is about 3 years old (Date of Birth 3/25/2016). Gracie is not a big fan of other cats. She doesn't mind dogs but will let them know if they are annoying he...

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Sophia, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Sophia is a special needs girl who has had a tough life and came in as a stray with matted hair. She has had painful teeth removed, is missing part of an ear, and we're unsure of her vision as she's a...

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Poppy, a small, female Tabby


Poppy is a very sweet and energetic cat. When Poppy came to Second Chance she lost both of her ears and had some medical concerns. After a series of testing Poppy was diagnosed, and is now ready for h...

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Butterfly, a small, female Domestic Short Hair


Butterfly is a fantastic little girl who was found as a stray cat struggling to stay fed. She was extremely emaciated, but has now become a beautiful girl who craves affection. Butterfly enjoys cuddli...

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Thimble, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Thimble is an independent girl who enjoys plenty of toys to chase and toss around. She enjoys playing with her other kitten friends, but when they are too busy napping, she is perfectly happy playing ...

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Tamale, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Tamale and her brother Taco came to us as very shy, very young kittens. They have since become independent and confident siblings. Tamale is a cutie looking for a home of love and entertainment. She ...

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Gidget, a medium, female Domestic Short Hair


Sweet Gidget came to us after her owner moved to a new state. She is a great girl who enjoys a quiet place to nap. She loves cuddling with her friends under the blankets, and she will start to purr as...

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Gadget, a medium, male Domestic Medium Hair


Gadget came to us as a senior boy after his owner moved to a new state. He is quiet, calm and sweet as can be. He spends most of his time napping and cuddling with one of his other cat friends, but wi...

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Citrine, a medium, female Domestic Long Hair


Citrine is a 17 year old orange tabby who came to us when her owner could no longer care for her. She is a placid, sweet, agreeable little lady who hardly acts her age. She looks like a young woman ha...

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Billy, a medium, male Domestic Short Hair


Billy is a big lout. He loves to talk: his cute little meows sound just like Yoshi. He craves attention and space to roam and explore. He was found as a stray and wants nothing more than a cozy home t...

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Ray, a medium, male Domestic Long Hair


Meet Ray! Ray is sweet boy who came to us after having been tossed around and struggling to keep himself fed and healthy. After getting a vet visit and a loving foster to care for him, he now has a cl...

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Cyrus, a medium, male Domestic Long Hair


This is the handsome, orange gentleman named Cyrus! He is a bit shy, but perhaps that's just because he hasn't met his right person yet. Cyrus lives in a communal room with his friend, Ray, and is doi...

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Hercules, a large, male Domestic Short Hair


What a sweet, gentle boy! Hercules is a great guy whose favorite place to lounge is a quiet, warm and dark place. He does enjoy receiving affection and might even come out to greet you if you offer hi...

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We have dogs too

Recalling Fun

Recalling Fun

Most dog parents will agree that their dog’s behavior they get most frustrating with is an unreliable recall (recall as in coming when called, not to be confused with a “product recall”). As one of the tenents of this Second Chance Pet Column is supporting lifelong pet-person bonds, I offer you some sage advice on improving your dog’s recall, and thus your relationship with your dog.

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Giving Thanks for the Human-Animal Bond

Giving Thanks for the Human-Animal Bond

Today’s Pet Column is about gratitude. Recently my staff received a letter from an adopter (who we will refer to as Mandy). Mandy has sent occasional updates over the three years since adopting her dog from Second Chance but this one was special. Second Chance Humane Society and I believe people and pets live better together. This letter, which Mandy gave us permission to share, poignantly illustrates that truth.

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