Monday, August 29th: Second Chance is pleased to announce that we've completed the Nutmeg Challenge, a $40k matching challenge supporting the purchase of Angel Ridge Ranch! We are, of course, continuing to raise funds toward the purchase of Angel Ridge, so if you did not donate to the Nutmeg Challenge you can still contribute toward our vision of securing Angel Ridge as our permanent home!

Second Chance is pleased to announce a $30k matching donation from an anonymous donor dubbed the 'Nutmeg Challenge'. Named in honor of her rescued dog 'Nutmeg', this challenge is a dollar for dollar match up to $30k with a deadline of September 1st, 2011. All funds raised during this matching challenge will support the purchase and transition to Angel Ridge Ranch.

Second Chance needs your support today! Please consider a donation and help us meet the Nutmeg Challenge!

Nutmeg's Story

Nutmeg was rescued while being beaten by a group of boys. The attack left her with a broken jaw and cheekbone and ruptured eye. Despite the vicious attack and the pain of her recovery, Nutmeg never met a person she didn't like--a true testament to her Labrador nature. She was a greatly cherished member of her family.

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