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Second Chance Humane Society wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to the good folks at The Peaks for donating a very large number of high quality bedroom items to our Thrift for sale to the general public. This is a tremendous opportunity for Second Chance as we raise funds to move to our new home at Angel Ridge, as well as for the public at large... this is some very nice furniture and fixings, folks!

The Peaks is remodeling many of their already luxurious rooms and offering items to our Thrift for sale. Items include mainly bedroom furniture such as head boards, night stands, lamps, sofas and chairs. We've listed each item below with images, so please take look, tell your friends, and come purchase some great furniture!

Items will be available for sale beginning Thursday, September 29th! Even though we have multiple of each item, we've already had strong interest and expect them to go fast. Items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Coffee Table... $45

Dark stained wood with inlaid tile surface. Sporting dual level for books and magazines, the coffee table rocks.

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Desk Chair... $15

A simple sturdy desk chair that will make any office or library space look and feel more comfortable.

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Floor Lamp... $30

What's the oppposite of tall, dark and handsome? How about tall, bright and shiny... this lamp will make your room look good!

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Head Board... $15

Contemporary dark wooden head board, heavy, sturdy and super nice looking. Goes with a variety of different bedroom sets.

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Night Stand... $15

The workhorse of the bedroom (ahem), this night stand is solid! Medium to dark stain with multiple drawers, this puppy is awesome.

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Sofa Chair... $65

Aaaaah, comfort. This chair is plush and comfortable, and will make your living room or den stand out.

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Sofa Sleeper... $65

Guaranteed to have your friends crash out at your place, this sleeper sofa is good to go to accommodate.

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Table Lamp... $25

Short and sweet, this lamp goes great in a variety of settings and will be sure to make any surface it's placed on brighten up.

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