Music selection for Wine and Whiskers Carnival, 2012.

You may download all files via a ZIP by clicking here (choose 'Save As'). Please note that is a large file, so give it a few minutes to download! Likewise, you can download individual songs below. Clicking each link should prompt your to either 'Open' or 'Save As'. Please select 'Save As' to download the file to your local computer.

  1. Party Rock Anthem
  2. Hot For Teacher
  3. Hot For Teacher (remastered)
  4. Poker Face
  5. Ooh La La
  6. Are You Gonna Go My Way?
  7. Welcome to the Jungle
  8. Show Me How You Burlesque
  9. Supersoulfigher
  10. Shake It
  11. Sexy and I Know It
  12. Walk This Way
  13. Give Up The Funk
  14. Magic Carpet Ride
  15. Catch a Falling Star
  16. Girlfriend
  17. The Way You Make Me Feel
  18. Rolling In The Deep
  19. Free Your Mind
  20. Gimme Some Lovin'
  21. Soul Man
  22. The Time
  23. Gonna Make You Sweat

Looking for the dance routine from Michelle Kodis? Look no further, but do save this zip file to your local machine and unzip it there to view. Click here to download the Dance Routine. Click here for the hip hop #1 video and here for the hip hop #3 video.

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