Second Chance is available to assist owners reclaim their stray or lost pet, however please understand that such efforts require resources on our part. Because of this, Second Chance strongly encourages that owners take responsibility for their pets and recognize the efforts that we have put into them.

  1. Owners will need to make arrangements to pick up their animal within 24 hours of notification that the animal is at Second Chance Humane Society. If the animal is not reclaimed after 10 days of notification, the animal will come under ownership of the shelter. The owner will be responsible for any fees (reclaim, vaccination and daily care) that may accrue during this period.
  2. In some instances, owners will need to bring proof of ownership such as photographs or veterinary records (proof of rabies vaccination) when coming to reclaim their pets.
  3. Owners are required to fill out a “Stray Reclaim Form” and pay the following service fees prior to the animal being returned to the owner.
Service Fee Type Amount Notes
Reclaim fee $20.00 If animal has been spayed/neutered
Reclaim fee $25.00 If animal has not been spayed/neuter
Daily care fee $15.00 Per calendar day the stray is at the shelter
Vaccination fee $10.00 Applicable if vaccines were given to the pet at intake
+ $10.00 2nd impoundment within 1 year
+ $20.00 3rd impoundment within 1 year
+ $30.00 4th impoundment within 1 year*

* If more than 4 impoundments occur within a calendar year, additional steps may be taken to ensure the health and safety of the pet.

  • If vaccines were given to the animal upon arrival at the shelter, a copy of the medical record will be provided to the owner. Owners will be responsible for any vaccinations fees.
  • When an animal is reunited with an owner, information will be provided to the owner on spay/neutering, secure IDs, and microchipping. The microchip fee will be reduced to $15 (regularly $25) if the owner has the animal microchipped at time of reclaim.
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