Covid Response Foster Program

Thank you for your interest in providing a foster home to assist Second Chance Humane Society (SCHS) in helping pets and families impacted by COVID-19. We are currently running two Foster Programs:

Community Foster Care – The Montrose Animal shelter is not accepting strays or surrenders which means there will be the need for short to long term care for community pets. In addition to strays, we are hoping to encourage neighbors to offer pet care when someone is hospitalized or otherwise unable to care for their pets due to the pandemic. SCHS will help supply crates and food when needed in these situations. This commitment could be a few days to weeks.

Shelter Foster Care – To help make space in our shelter we are sending many pets into temporary foster care. Fostering SCHS shelter pets is a 4-6 week commitment. Fosters are provided many resources including a dedicated Foster Coordinator who will respond to needs and questions quickly. SCHS provides crates, food and all pet care needs. Dog foster homes have access to an online free obedience training program.

Most dogs and cats in shelters are not perfect. They might need some behavior training, house training, exercise and a lot of love and patience. Please answer the following questions so we can make the best recommendations.

Shelter Hours

Open Tuesday - Saturday

Animal Resource Center
11 am - 6 pm

Cat Castle
11 am - 6 pm

Dog Den
11 am - 5:45 pm


PO Box 2096 [mailing]
177 County Road 10
Ridgway, CO 81432


(970) 626-2273

Ridgway thrift
(970) 626-3233

Telluride thrift
(970) 728-1100

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