Donating in honor of another is a noble way to give and to share your appreciation for a loved one, whether 2-legged or 4-legged. At Second Chance, we celebrate all such contributions and apply them to the care and support of our pets. Click here to jump to our Recent Memorials

Honors from October 1st, 2013 - September 30th, 2014
In Honor OfFrom
David Lurye and Pat Oscarson's Marriage Ben, Alyson, Steve & Andrea Weiss and Champaloux
  Kathy Littlejohn
  Rhett & Marty Murray
Dr. Jessica Balbo Dave Ramirez
Elizabeth Kirwin Tommie Evans
Janie & Steve Goldberg Claudia and Ari Kandel
  L.K. and J.H Sklar
Jon Blum Carol and Andrew Seamons
Margie White and "Max" Jeanne Walker
Markee Travis Chris Anderson
Rae/Mom Reva Saunders & Friends
The Werner Family Laurel Werner
Virginia McChee Susanne & Richard Bersford
"Chancey" C & J Foundation
  Corinne Berger
"Cimi" Jane Tiseo
"Dutch" Debra Nunn
"Fox" Carolyn Blair
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