At Second Chance, we understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one, whether 2-legged or 4-legged. Donating in their memory is truly a heartfelt gesture with all such contributions being applied to our life-saving programs and to the care of pets in our care. Click here to see our Recent Honor Donations

Memorials from October 1st, 2013 - September 30th, 2014
In Memory OfFrom
Chris Ripmaster Jeff Smokevitch
  Scott Ripmaster
Daniel E MacLeod Mike and Sandi MacLeod
Darrell Cantrell Eliot Brown
Elizabeth Stanislawski Deborah Hall
Jerry White Judith Supinie
  Susann Wright
Leta Tinsley Kathleen Cook
Olive Kiessling Anonymous
Patty McNall Ann Pecota
  Bonnie Jirschele
  DeGrey Phillips
  Eunice York
  H. Trent & Andrea Mackay
  Jim Sanford
  Joan Shapiro
  Margi L. White
  San Juan Weavers Guild
  Suellen Venette
  Telluride Ladies Poker Club
Rhea E. Johnson Virginia Nadler
Ruth Maul Jacqueline & Richard Zimmerman
"Clark" Christine Gamage
  Tracy Lang
"Coco" Robert Gordon
"Cub" Blum Ashley Sullivan
  Carol and Andrew Seamons
  Eric Davis
  Erik and Elena Lautier
  Gary Budoff
  Joe & Flo Landolfi
  Jonathan Blum
  Karen Pakstis and John Caruso
  Kristian Bornemann
  Neil Lipinski
  Ross Moskowitz
  Scott Schroeder
  Stanford Baird
"Demon" Hanshaw Martha Godchaux
"Eli" Kathy ORourke
"Elwood" Sally Manion
"Jake", "Sadie" & "Carolina" John and Susie Meltzer
"Liberty" Morgan Chegwidden
"Mako" James Gould
"Mylo" Barb Morrison
"Poodle" Janet Haw
"Riley" Linda McNeill
"Sam" Pam Parker
"Seed" Christopher Paslawski
"Taz" Elizabeth Farrar
"Tibert" Bill Schiffbauer
"Woody" Albert Mueller & Russell Erickson
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