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    Human Animal Bond

    Part of our Mission is Promoting the Human-Animal Bond…

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    Adopt a Dog

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    We host fun and mission driven events all year round

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    Out & About

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    Adopt a Cat


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    Pet for a Day Program

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    Training Center

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    The Rewards of Volunteering

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    Spay Neuter

    Don’t Litter – Spay/Neuter Your Critter

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    Pet Services

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Second Chance
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Second Chance Humane Society Ridgway Colorado

Second Chance Humane Society operates several core programs that seek to address a wide range of animal welfare issues.  Our most successfull efforts center on the adoption of homeless animals and the subsidized sterilization of owned companion animals.

Intake & Adoption Program

In 2009, our intake and adoption program received 388 pets, placed 317 into loving homes, reunited 49 pets with their owners and humanely euthanized 13 animals due to untreatable illness and/or dangerous situations.  Combined, 96.3% of Second Chance's pets were placed with and cared for by warm, loving homes.

Historically, Second Chance has been sustaining an increase in intake and adoptions at an annual rate of 10%.  While our other programs are geared towards allievating overall shelter intake, we are currently beyond our capacity to safely address our community's animal welfare needs.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

sn_web_thumbThe sterilization of pets remains the most promising, cost effective long term approach to curbing populations of unwanted pets.  Access to and education about the benefits of such services, however, has been and likely will continue to be the primary barrier to the widespread practice of companion animal sterilization.  To address this issue, Second Chance offers residents of Ouray and San Miguel Counties financial assistance and education to facilitate spay/neuter services.

Second Chance Humane Society Adoptable Dogs
Second Chance Humane Society Adoptable Cats

Second Chance Humane Society Thrift

Two store locations: Ridgway & Telluride

Second Chance Humane Society


(970) 626-2273 | phone
(970) 626-3233 | Ridgway thrift
(970) 728-1100 | Telluride thrift


PO Box 2096 [mailing]
177 County Road 10
Ridgway, CO 81432

Shelter Hours

Animal Resource Center 11 am - 6 pm
Cat Castle 11 am - 6 pm
Dog Den 11 am - 5:45 pm