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    Human Animal Bond

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Second Chance
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Second Chance Humane Society Ridgway Colorado

Second Chance must now fund an entirely new building while continuing to rely heavily on private donors for operational support.


Like most non-profits, the past several years have been very difficult for Second Chance.  Unlike many however, we have not scaled back operations or reduced services within our community.  How?  Though Second Chance is a registered 501(c)3 organization (meaning your donations are tax-exempt), it thrives primarily off of the income generated from its thrift store.  In fact, 70% of the total organization's income comes from the thrift!

Although having such earned income is not traditional for many non-profits, combined with the generosity of private donors, it has helped Second Chance grow to meet our community's needs for the past 16 years.  And though the thrift shop has been critical to our overall operational success, Second Chance still relies heavily upon the generosity of private individuals to bridge the gap.

Unlike many similar organizations around the United States, Second Chance derives very little income via local governments or taxpayer dollars. In essence, Second Chance is able to utilize a blend of earned income, voluntary donations and operational efficiencies to provide local area residents with high quality animal services without unduly taxing them.

Our Performance Metrics

The animal welfare industry is very dynamic and is shifting heavily toward prevention and education as means to sustain a healthy pet population. Second Chance implements a variety of programs and services that address our community's needs today as well as prepare for its future needs. So, how are we doing? Take a look at how we view success by clicking the icon to the right.

Second Chance Humane Society Adoptable Dogs
Second Chance Humane Society Adoptable Cats

Second Chance Humane Society Thrift

Two store locations: Ridgway & Telluride

Second Chance Humane Society


(970) 626-2273 | phone
(970) 626-3233 | Ridgway thrift
(970) 728-1100 | Telluride thrift


PO Box 2096 [mailing]
177 County Road 10
Ridgway, CO 81432

Shelter Hours

Animal Resource Center 11 am - 6 pm
Cat Castle 11 am - 6 pm
Dog Den 11 am - 5:45 pm